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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Night Owl Romance review of Lord of the Deep

Lord of the Deep
Dawn Thompson

Score: 4.5

Reviewer: Danni of Night Owl Romance

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Meg is banished to the Isle of the Mists because she's accused of being a witch. One day, bored, she spies what she thinks are seals frolicking at the shore. However the seals, really Selkie's, disappear to be replaced by sexy, naked men. Simeon the Selkie Leader sees her and is instantly enchanted. He's grown tired of his consorts and wants something different, something more in his life. Meg provides the perfect opportunity for the Simeon to try something new but not get attached. Believing he will bed her and then walk away, he finds that Meg is indeed different and wants her in his life.

Simeon is the Lord of the Deep and lives in the sea; Meg is a land-dweller. Will they be able to be together? Will they find a way to exist in each others world?

This was my first encounter with Ms Thompson's writing and it most definitely won't be the last. This book was spellbinding. From the wonderful world building to the sensual, lyrical writing Lord of the Deep is a definite keeper.

This highly erotic, delightful tale featuring sex (under water) and a feisty heroine left this reader breathless. Lord of the Deep has a flowing style that pulls you in and holds you until the last page. I cannot wait for what's next in this series.

Friday, October 12, 2007

The Brotherhood nominated for Best Vampire Romance

Night Owl Romance has nominated my second Blood Moon book - The Brotherhood - for Best Vampire Romance. I would to thank them.

My first review for The Ravening!

TITLE: The Ravening (Feb. 2008, Blood Moon series #3)
AUTHOR: Dawn Thompson
13 ISBN: 9780505527271
10 ISBN: 0505527278


Set in Cumberland, England, 1871. Milosh has lived over four centuries. He is a vampire-hunter. During this long space of time his name has become legend. Milosh is a vampire, but has no blood lust due to a blood moon ritual. He is alive, not undead. Milosh tracks an age-old nemesis, Sebastian Valentine. Sebastian is a monster able to take the form of a wolf or multiple bats at will. Once again the hunt has brought Milosh to Whitebriar Abbey, home to his close friends, the Hyde-Whites. However, Whitebriar Abbey is in ruins. The place had been destroyed by fire only six months prior. As Milosh takes shelter in the crumbling mound he comes across a young gypsy, Palmona; and for the first time in centuries, finds love. But Milosh lets down his guard for a moment, and Palmona, needing blood, bites Milosh. The result is that Palmona becomes immune to the blood lust and Milosh loses his immunity.

Palmona had been dancing under the moonlight when Sebastian mesmerized her. He would have succeeded in changing her had the members of her caravan not heard her scream and come searching. In fear, the caravan leaves Palmona to die. Palmona flees the call of the wolves and takes temporary shelter in some ruins. There, she meets Milosh. Legend says that Milosh knows a cure for vampirism; so Palmona stays in hopes of getting the cure. At first, Palmona fears the Romanian (with good reason). But it does not take long for the young gypsy to fall in love with Milosh. During a moment of weakness, Palmona gives into the blood lust. It is a moment she long regrets. Other vampires quickly learn that Palmona took the White Wolf's blood and is immune to the blood lust. Palmona is now the target of all the night creatures. Milosh, the vampire-hunter, has become that which he has hunted for four centuries.

Milosh calls upon the Brotherhood to keep her safe, even from him. The Brotherhood obeys Milosh, but call upon the Hyde-Whites to strike the death blow, should it be needed. Milosh and Palmona race to get the ingredients for the Blood Moon ritual. The time of the eclipse draws near. Another will not come for over two years; far too late for Milosh. As the duo race against time, Sebastian and his minions are on their trail, and friends watch in hopes of a miracle.

***** This is the third book in the Blood Moon series. Readers have been waiting for Milosh to get his own story, myself included, and this tale was definitely worth the wait. The author did a wonderful job. There were times in the story that I saw no way for Milosh and Palmona to win. Characters from the two previous books (the Hyde-Whites) eventually enter the story, giving the entire series a more realistic touch. If you have not read the first two books, do not worry; this is a stand-alone story. However, I highly recommend that you pick up the first two titles (Blood Moon & The Brotherhood) and read all three in order. Should you do so, you will get a much deeper emotional impact. And as you begin reading, hold onto the seat of your pants, because you are in for one heck of a ride on the darker side! *****

(Reviewed by Detra Fitch)

Spooky Reads for Halloween

I have taken vampires back to their roots, back to the historical vampires first originally created by writers such Lord Byron and John Polidori, and then later by Bram Stoker. The first of three vampires (there will be more!!) I am currently nominated for NOR Award for The Brotherhood for Best Vampire Romance 2007. I highly recommend them. 1.. Blood Moon - Dorchester Love Spell - March 2007 2.. The Brotherhood - Dorchester Love Spell - June 2007 3.. The Ravening - Dorchester Love Spell - January 2008
John Charles, Chicago Sunday Tribune:With an inventive hybrid of Regency historical and dark, sexy paranormal romance, Dawn Thompson is wildly imaginative and wonderfully entertaining.

Watch the book trailer >>>>

Blood Moon (Book 1) by Dawn Thompson [mass market paper: Love Spell; February 27, 2007; $6.99; ISBN: 0505526808; ISBN-13: 9780505526809]

Book Description Start of a stunning new series! THEIR DARK CURSE Jon Hyde-White was changed. Neither his horse nor his dog trusted him any longer, and with good cause; the transformation was almost complete. Soon he would cease to be an earl's second son and become a ravening monster. Already lust grew, begging him to drink, to devour, to swallow in great gulps hot blood from every opalescent neck--and the blood of his fiancé, Cassandra Thorpe, would be sweetest of all. Was that not why they were chosen? Was that not why the blasphemous creature Sebastian burst upon them from the London shadows? But Sebastian's evil task remained incomplete, and neither Jon not Cassandra was beyond hope. Still she smelled of meadowsweet and lilies, and he still believed in Heaven. One chance remained--in faraway Moldovia, in a secret brotherhood, in an ancient ritual and the power of love and the...BLOOD MOON
The Order>>>>>>>>

The Brotherhood (Blood Moon, Book 2) by Dawn Thompson

(NOR Award Nominee for Best Vampire Romance 2007)

[mass market paper: Love Spell; July, 2007; $6.99; ISBN: 050552726X; ISBN-13: 9780505527264]

Book DescriptionJoss Hyde-White left London for answers about who and what he was. What he found, with night falling, Cornwall consumed by a snowstorm quickly obscuring the road, was a carriage--a brougham by the look of it--its snow-covered horses standing like two ghosts, and a scene of horror interrupted within. A chestnut-haired beauty lay prone, requiring his assistance. But safety was not easily provided. On this night that brought to mind vampires and the foulest creatures of myth, through the whirling snow and growing darkness, it was difficult to tell man or woman from beast. From this moment forward, no one and nothing could be trusted--not even his own instincts, be they to kiss or kill. Joss was on the road to the truth, and that would lead to the secret of his parents, to the Blood Moon Rite of ancient Persia, to the enigmatic Milosh, the Gypsy, and...THE BROTHERHOOD
THE RAVENING (Blood Moon, Book 3) December 2007
ISBN-10: 0505527278 ISBN-13: 978-0505527271
".a chilling, mesmerizing vampire novel [that] will have you spellbound from beginning to end!" -RT BOOKreviews on Blood Moon
THE HUNGER IS BOUNDLESS.In the moonlit forest, bewitched by a wolf and dancing to music only she could hear, Paloma was first taken. And though she fled her monstrous attacker, she could not escape her destiny. .AND IT CANNOT BE DENIED
Sebastian-the vampire, his own archenemy and the enemy of The Brotherhood and all things right and good-was again rising to power; Milosh could sense it. To Whitebriar he traveled, hoping to find his friends the Hyde-Whites, but instead he found the abbey in ruins and a terrified Gypsy who stole his heart. But this copper-haired beauty was infected. She burned, burned as did all those who'd felt the bite of vampyr but not the solace of the Blood Moon, and she had the power to make him him burn, and in ways he hadn't felt for centuries. She aroused in him the ravening, which meant the struggle to come would be not against Sebastian's lips and fangs alone, but against himself, and only Milosh's strength and love could decide who and what he and Paloma would yet become