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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Night Owl Romance review of Lord of the Deep

Lord of the Deep
Dawn Thompson

Score: 4.5

Reviewer: Danni of Night Owl Romance

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Meg is banished to the Isle of the Mists because she's accused of being a witch. One day, bored, she spies what she thinks are seals frolicking at the shore. However the seals, really Selkie's, disappear to be replaced by sexy, naked men. Simeon the Selkie Leader sees her and is instantly enchanted. He's grown tired of his consorts and wants something different, something more in his life. Meg provides the perfect opportunity for the Simeon to try something new but not get attached. Believing he will bed her and then walk away, he finds that Meg is indeed different and wants her in his life.

Simeon is the Lord of the Deep and lives in the sea; Meg is a land-dweller. Will they be able to be together? Will they find a way to exist in each others world?

This was my first encounter with Ms Thompson's writing and it most definitely won't be the last. This book was spellbinding. From the wonderful world building to the sensual, lyrical writing Lord of the Deep is a definite keeper.

This highly erotic, delightful tale featuring sex (under water) and a feisty heroine left this reader breathless. Lord of the Deep has a flowing style that pulls you in and holds you until the last page. I cannot wait for what's next in this series.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn...I was recently at our local bookstore & couldn't help myself but stop & look at the mesmerizing man on ur cover ' Lord of the Deep'. Not only was he a sight for sore eyes but he was also sinfully delicious to read about!!
Can it be possible to know when the next book is schedule 2 be released? Can't wait 2 get my hands on that 1!