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Sunday, December 2, 2007

5 Cup Review for The Privateer by Dawn MacTavish

ISBN: 0843959819

December 2007

352 pagesHistorical Romance

Rating: 5 cups

Lady Lark Eddington feels her world is being tossed about. She knew that herfather gambled, but now it has fallen to her to try to get out from underthe debt. Her father's death brought much more than mere debt. She has nofamily to help her. She is discouraged and sees no hope anywhere. Althoughshe is a stubborn woman, she knows it will take a very long time for her toclear the debts without assistance.

Basil "King" Kingston is the Earl of Grayshire. He has taken his time tofind someone to marry, even though his mother hounds him to give her anheir. He has a lady in mind but is not sure about making the commitment. Hedoes not want to end up like his father but can see no way out. His mustalso find a companion for his mother and that task is just as difficult since his mother is not an easy woman to get along with.

Being put in Marshalsea was humiliating for Lark. But it cannot be worse than the way the ton treats her and offers her no help. She was set to workoff her debt until she somehow caught the eye of the Earl of Grayshire. Hewants her help, but she is not sure if that is something she wants to do.However, since she is desperate, she does not have a lot of options. King isquite taken with Lark but is engaged to another woman. Will he be able toget out of it? There is a heat between Lark and King that cannot be denied,even when they accidentally touch. Lark just wants to get away and try tostart over her life.

But with dreams of King in her head, she is unsure thatit will be possible. Plans go awry when King does his duty to the crown andheads out to sea. He knows his mother will not be pleased with him but thereis not a whole lot he can do about it. King just hopes that everything willbe okay while he is gone. Lark hopes he will come back safely. Will they gettheir wishes?Ms. MacTavish writes compelling characters.

I found both Lark and King greatto read and learn about. Protocol had a place in the 1800's in England andthis illustrates not only how they lived, but also how things were pushed tothe limit. Being someone who loves history, I found everything very wellresearched. That is not easy to say with all writers. I was pleased with Ms.MacTavish's characters and situations. I hope to read more of her work andfind it just as pleasing as this one was for me.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books

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