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Sunday, December 9, 2007

EROS ISLAND: ANTHOLOGY review from Coffee Time Romance

ISBN#0-7582- 2214-
9 January 2008Aphrodisia-Kensington Publishing Corp.
850 Third Ave, New York, New York 10022
Trade Paperback$12.95
350 Pages
Erotic Romance/Fantasy

Centaur Heart by Lucinda Betts

Chiron, Lord of the Centaurs, wants to be allowed to participate in the Mother Rite Tourney against Lycurgus, The King of the Lapith, who he knows is usingdeceptive practices to gain control of the Isle of Crete, along with thereigning queen, Akantha. Queen Akantha is unsure if the Centaur King, Chiron, should be allowed to participate against Lycurgus. His winning would threaten the alliance between Knossos and Lapith. What occurs changes both Chiron and Akantha and exposes Lycurgus. What secret does Chiron possess that could change the future for all?

Ms. Betts has written a sexy tale about power and magic, both corrupting and destroying the owner. The sex is hot and enticing, while appropriate. I enjoyed this tale.

Thunderstruck by Devyn Quinn

Danicia Ryan is finished with her sculpture of Herakles and after two years of self imposed celibacy, her only fervent wish is for him to be real. Herakles is waiting to be released from his prison of stone by the one woman talented enough to feel his presence. When Dani awakens in the very arms she has sculpted, she cannot believe her eyes, but readily believes her body's responses. Will he stay or be gone when she regains consciousness?

Ms. Quinn has written a fantasy that most women can relate to. Most women would love to create their dream man and in this story the heroine experiences him in the flesh. The sex is quite scintillating; their joining earth shattering. This story is too hot by far. Loved it.

Goddess of The Dreamwell by Dawn Thompson

Gar Trivelyan, Knight of the Realm, washes ashore on the Land's End Shoals. Comingacross a Dreamwell, he makes his wish and The Goddess of the Well rises from the water to offer him her favors. Annalee is the Goddess and she has enchanted Gar, intent on making him her consort. While enjoying Annalee's charms, Gar is threatened by Yan, her jealous consort turned Centaur during Samhaine. Will he survive this night of pleasure?

Ms. Dawn Thompson has written a captivating tale of fantasy and deception. The hero trusts the goddess and forgets the way of all Fay, to seduce and deceive. This is a cautionary tale of trusting too easily. I enjoyed this story immensely.

These three fantasies are sexually charged with nubile bodies and hot encounters. All three authors chose different time periods and they all exhibit a different approach, which makes these stories unique. I really liked their diversity and would recommend this anthology to any reader of erotic fantasy.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books

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