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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Romantic Times TOP PICK for THE RAVENING

England, the Cumberland border, November 1871

Paranormal, Shapeshifter
Dawn Thompson
4.5 stars HOT Top Pick
SETTING: 1870s England

The conclusion to the Chronicles of the Blood Moon brings the lord of the vampires, Sebastian, and Milosh, the head of the Brotherhood, to a showdown guaranteed to have chills running up and down your spine with its heart-stopping terror. But Thompson brilliantly tinges the terror with a romance set against a haunting backdrop with the atmosphere of a paranormal gothic.

SUMMARY: After decades, Milosh returns to Whitebriar, the Hyde-White family’s manor in isolated Cumberland. He finds a burned-out shell, his friends missing and a beautiful Gypsy hiding in the ruins. Palmona has found sanctuary after being infected by a shapeshifting wolf/vampire. She yearns to feed but tries to keep the bloodlust at bay with the hope that Milosh will teach her the secret of the Blood Moon, which frees vampires of bloodlust. Innocent Paloma has the power to make Milosh forget his mission to kill Sebastian, and she makes him burn with bloodlust. Now he’ll have to fight not only Sebastian but also his own nature. With Paloma’s love, can Milosh finds a way to conquer the darkness and eradicate his foe? (Love Spell, Feb., 368 pp., $6.99)

~~Kathe Robin, The Romantic Times Magazine

The Ravening by Dawn Thompson
[mass market paper: Love Spell; February, 2008; $6.99;
ISBN: 0505527278; ISBN-13: 9780505527271]

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