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Friday, December 21, 2007

Winners of the Editors Raffle to benefit Dawn Thompson

Thanks to everyone who entered!

here are the winners of the Editor's Raffle:

15 winners went to Hilary Sares, Kensington;
1 went to Chris Keeslar at Dorchester;
1 went to Leah Hultenschmidt at Dorchester;
5 went to Leanne Burroughs at Highland Press.

All will read the manuscript of the winner and give them a one page critique, with eye to buying anyone that impresses them.

Happy Holidays!!

Winners List

Gerri Bowen of Hanover PA
Barbara Huddleston of Billings, MO
Linda Reynolds-Burkins of Forest Hill, MD
Ronna Hochbein of Phildephia, PA
Ann Gilbert of Chalfont, PA
Jennette Heikes Kettering, OH
Jennifer Ross of Kitchener ON, Canada
TONY Tzuma
Debbie Mazzuca of Ottawa RWA chapter
Cari Gunsallus of California
Elba Junco of Laredo, TX
Charlene Conlon of Silver Spring, MD
Jacquie Rogers of Washington State
Billie Warren Chai of Ohio
Sarah Gross of Altadena, CA
Denise Weeks of Richardson, Texas
Tiffany Carter of Overland Park, KS
Yvonne Melchoir of Woodbridge, Va
Michele Linse of Palmyra NY
Pam Champagne of Exeter, ME
Susan Ostrowski of Saxonburg, PA
Laura Bradley of Antigo, WI

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