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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

5 Angels for Eros Island

5 Angels Rating

Eros Island

Eros Island is a trio of hot, steamy tales that are sure to please any lover of erotic romance. All three are well written. The characters aren’t run-of-the-mill types, and each story is superb and satisfying in its own way.

Lucinda Betts’ story is called Centaur Heart and is a tale of deceit and power. It tells of the Lord of the Centaurs, Chiron, and the way he turns dishonor to honor. I was intrigued by Chiron. The world and the tournament were realistic enough to keep me spellbound.

Dawn Thompson’s contribution to this anthology is called Goddess of the Dreamwell and is a tale of knights, favors wished for and wishes granted. It shows the fact that sometimes when fantasies are fulfilled, reality falls away. This is a story of love, lust and emotion and is very entertaining.

Thunderstruck by Devyn Quinn is the story in this anthology that I think I enjoyed the most. Don’t get me wrong; I liked each of these three stories but this one just found a special spot in my heart. Danicia is such a well written character. I could feel her satisfaction and almost see her response to her creation brought to life. She is a sculptor and her Herakles is all any woman could wish for. Each of the stories in this anthology is erotic, with hot, sexy characters and heat that made my toes curl.

Eros Island is a keeper, something I know I will read more than once. I will recommend this book to anyone who enjoys sultry romance, interesting time periods and characters who are so real they steal your breath. This is one steamy selection!

Great job, ladies!

Reviewed by: Carly
Fallen Angels Reviews

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