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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Review of Eros Island

Eros Island
by Devyn Quinn, Dawn Thompson, Lucinda Betts
Kensington Publishing (Aphrodisia
available: January 29, 2008
ISBN #0758222149EAN #9780758222145304
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"The Loving of a Lifetime"
Eros Island is aptly named for a trio of stories where mortals receive the loving of a lifetime at the hands of skilled deities. Each one carries you away to another realm where inhibitions are lost and senses are heightened, yet even in the midst of gods, choices aren't always what they seem.

Dawn Thompson brings us Goddess of the Dream Well. What's an honorable Knight of the Realm to do when he washes up on a mysterious island and is welcomed by a gorgeous naked goddess who says he is hers to pleasure for one day? No brainer there. Pleasure away. Until he finds out there is a high price for that one night, and not only at a cost to himself, but for others. Most especially someone he has come to care a great deal about. Think a woman scorned is something to fear? Try a goddess scorned.

Thunderstruck, Devyn Quin's offering, has echoes of Pygmalion where a talented sculptor, Dani, creates a stunning work of art and falls in love with it, or rather him, the stone worked image of the god Herakles who comes to life and carries her away to Mount Olympus.
There is no conflict in this tale unless you consider being pampered and indulged all night by an incredibly luscious god who delivers every sensual fantasy a conflict. But all good things must come to an end. Or do they?

Centaur Heart by Lucinda Betts revolves around Centaurs and a high-spirited princess. Chiron, King of the Centaurs, has come to warn Knossos Princess Akantha of the evil that is trying to twist its way into power over her kingdom in the form of her suitor. Because he's a Centaur, Akantha should be repulsed by Chiron, but she can't help admiring his strength of form and honorable purpose of fighting evil even after she won't credit his warning. They are both feisty and stubborn characters, suited to each other. Once they stop arguing and join forces, they have a lot to overcome in just a few pages, but Betts pulls it all together in an extremely satisfying way. But how in the name of Eros does a woman get together with a Centaur? I'm not telling.

Reviewed by Clover AutreyPosted January 1, 2008
Paranormal Romance Reviews


Centaur Heart by Lucinda Betts
In a sacred glade in ancient Greece stands Chiron, a godlike man who radiates sexual power. The Princess Akantha is spellbound—and consumed with desire for him. Chiron is tall and muscular with otherworldly eyes and a mane of hair that gleams like polished bronze. But is he truly a man…or a centaur? Akantha is about to be swept away for the wildest ride of her life…

The Dream Well by Dawn Thompson
A knight lost within the mists of a Celtic wood finds a magical well—and as he touches its stones, a goddess rises from its depths, beautiful, naked and unashamed. Gar Trivelyan is instantly aroused by the breathtaking sight of Analee’s body, half veiled in the silken fall of her coppery hair, and her matchless eyes. When the Samhain moon is full, she whispers, I may choose a lover. And I have chosen you…

Thunderstruck by Devyn Quinn
Danicia Ryan works magic in marble—her sculpture of the epitome of nude male beauty and unbridled virility. When the sculpture turns to living flesh during a violent thunderstorm, Danicia is dazzled by the intensity of Herakles’s sexual appetite. And she’s ready, eager, and willing to take everything her dream god has to give…
WARNING! This is a REALLY HOT book. (Sexually Explicit.)

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