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Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Mystic Castle review of The Ravening

The RaveningDawn Thompson
ISBN-10: 0-505-52727-8 ISBN-13: 978-0-505-52727-1
Love Spell, February 2008,
342 pages

England 1871

Dancing under the moonlight was one of Paloma's favorite pastimes. Unfortunately on one of these nights, she was being watched by a sinister creature. Paloma was attacked by a vampire and was abandoned by her gypsy clan. Left to fend for herself, she is soon found by a renown vampire slayer.

Milosh is in England to visit his dear friends the Hyde-Whites. He is dismayed to find their home burned to the ground with no sign of it's inhabitants. While investigating the ruins, he finds a young gypsy woman who he suspects has been infected by a vampire.

Milosh and Paloma are fiercely attracted to each other, and under normal circumstances would have been an ideal couple. As it is, they cannot deny the bond between them and they are further drawn together by Paloma's inability to resist temptation.

The Ravening ends the trilogy begun in Blood Moon and continued in The Brotherhood. Milosh is a truly enigmatic character and I have been looking forward to his story from the minute he stepped onto the pages of Blood Moon. The relationship between him and Paloma was filled with angst and desire and left me wondering how it would be resolved at the end.

The Ravening is an edge of your seat, action packed paranormal thriller. The pages ooze with ominous tension that does not let up until the epilogue. Ms. Thompson's prose is as lovely and descriptive as ever as she delivers a nail bitingly edgy tale. I was rooting for Paloma and Milosh's happy ending as well as the demise of the grotesque Sebastian. I was thoroughly satisfied with the ending of this nerve wracking trilogy. Ms. Thompson proves yet again that she is a tough one to beat in the ever growing paranormal genre.

Laurel Letherby
The Mystic Castle
The Mystic Realm Coming Soon

Friday, February 22, 2008

Bride of Time available for Pre-order

Bride of Time is available for pre-order

Book Isle's review of The Ravencliff Bride

The Ravencliff Bride by Dawn Thompson
Love Spell Paperback [Gothic Paranormal]
September 30, 2005;
ISBN #0505526530

Nicholas Walraven wanted to save Sara from prison and planned tohave a friend not a lover or wife. Nero just wanted to protect Sara. And you know what happens with all this wanting...

Bought out of Fleet debtors' prison, Sara marries Baron Walraven.His rules for her are simple, don't touch, stay in her room and donot get friendly with the wolf, Nero. But soon Sara is not willingto accept life by Nicholas rules.

The Ravencliff Bride starts as a hair-raising ride and keeps up thepace all the way though. Ms. Thompson gives a unique twist on weresand shapshifters.

Be sure to catch this Gothic Historical Romance!

Reviewed by Michele Patrykus
For Book Isle

Italian Translation of
The Ravencliff Bride

Book Isle's review of The Waterlord

WATERLORD by Dawn Thompson
Love Spell paperback
ISBN: 0505526735 9780505526731
Reviewed by Michele Patrykus

Count Klaus Lindegren is hiding. Hiding from Illia, a spurnedlover? Or is he hiding from his fate? What will he find on a muddyroad? Will he find fate or..?

Lady Rebecca Gildersleeve is on the run from her father. Baron Gildersleeve lost Becca in a gambling wager. She is found by Klausin an overturned chaise coach. For Becca the world starts to spinand nothing is the same again.

Dreams and mists change herperception of a world made different by man who swims naked atnight.WATERLORD is an adventure well worth twice the price.

Ms. Thompson has taken a myth and brought it to life. A blend of Regency Romance and Fantasy that makes for Great reading!!!!!
Reviewed by Michele Patrykus

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Goth-Rom honours Dawn Thompson

The Gothic Romance Writers RWA online chapter's board has approved a change in the name of our Chapter writing contest.

We hope to ensure that the wonderful memory of Dawn Thompson, her boundless enthusiasm for romance, her friendship to so many of us, and her years of inspiration are not forgotten. Therefore, the Haunted Hearts contest will now be known as:

The Dawn Thompson Memorial Haunted Hearts Contest

Lise Horton
Gothic Romance Writers

Dawn was the first winner of the Haunted Hearts grand prize in 2004 and shesaid this about it:"As a former winner of the Haunted Heart for my Historical Paranormal, THE RAVENCLIFF BRIDE in 2004, I cannot recommend this contest highly enough. Itis run by professional, responsible authors committed to excellence in theart of writing Gothic Romance. This prestigious win encouraged me topersist until I sold in 2005. Several authors went on to sell after winning and finalling in the Haunted Heart. It's magical!"

Dawn was an active member of Gothic Romance Writers up until she went intothe hospital for the last time. We remember her as a gracious lady, very supportive of her fellow authors.We won't forget her.

Monday, February 4, 2008

5 star review for the Privateer

Review: THE PRIVATEER by Dawn MacTavish
Dorchester Leisure
January 2008 Reviews
Genre: historical
ISBN: 0843959819
Page Count: 325
Price: $6.99Reviewer: Donna Zapf
Sensuality Rating: Sensuous
Star Rating: 5 Stars
Author's Website:

Award winning author Dawn MacTavish takes us on breath-stopping journey from an 1812 London debtor’s prison to the world of the haute ton in her book THE PRIVATEER.

Never in her darkest nightmare did Lady Lark Eddington expect to be thrown into Marshalsea, London’s debtor’s prison, amongst the squallier and dregs of society. But that is exactly what happened after her father ruined himself with debt then hanged himself, leaving Lark to sell all their possessions and still owe five hundred pounds. It might as well have been five thousand because there is no help from the ton which welcomed her with open arms not too long ago but now enjoy her as fodder for gossip. Lark is strong willed and determined to pay her father’s debt despite her current living conditions. During her stay in debtor’s prison, she instantly makes a friend, Agnes Garwood, a former milliner and an enemy, Andrew Westerfield, the degenerate second son of the Earl of Stepton. Lark doesn’t have a long interment, however, because she caught the eye of the earl of Grayshire who had come to Marshalsea to find a companion for his mother.

Lord Grayshire, King, knew it was time to marry and have an heir. He was courting a young lady, the perfect wife material, and making plans for his mother to move to the dowager house when he was approached by the English Admiralty to become a privateer; looting French ships, a trade his father was once embroiled in, and he could not refuse. Just when King thought he had everything in place, he became enraptured with Lark, the woman he chose for his mother’s companion. Many complications and dangers loom in the way of the love developing between Lark and King but their coming together may not lead to a happily ever after.

Adventure on the high seas, family drama, rescue from a fate worse than death, passionate love; what more can a romance reader ask for? Dawn MacTavish draws us right in and paints her absorbing story with authentic historical detail in THE PRIVATEER. Her heroes, Lark and King, are strong interesting characters and I truly enjoyed the meddling and transformation of the secondary character Countess Grayshire. The settings, from the nasty prison to the secret romantic roman bath are so realistically portrayed that I felt I had stepped into the story. Through her intriguing book; Ms. MacTavish allows the reader to escape to another time and place, so mesmerizing is the tale. Snuggle down with a “cuppa” tea and your copy of THE PRIVATEER by Dawn MacTavish and enjoy!

Friday, February 1, 2008

4 P.E.A.R.L. Finalists

Finalist for

Bests Shapeshifter Romance 2007

Finalist for:
Best Vampire Romance 2007

Finalist for:
Best Paranormal Romance Finalist 2007

Finalists for:
2007 Best Vampire Romance 2007

Paranormal Romance Reviews

Thanking everyone that voted for the books and Paranormal Romance Reviews!

5 Blue Ribbons for The Privateer

Title: The Privateer
Category: Historical
Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne
Author: Dawn MacTavish
Publisher: Leisure
Release Date: January 2008
ISBN Number: 0843959819
Format: PRINT
Rating: 5 blue ribbons
London, 1812

At twenty-two years old Lark Eddington is in dire straits. Her father's gambling and subsequent suicide have left her destitute with a mountain of debts. She did what she could to raise the funds to pay off the debtors but she’s still a few hundred pounds short - for that she’s thrown into debtor’s prison.

Basil, 'King', Kingston, Earl of Grayshire, needs to acquire a companion for his eccentric mother and she insists that the young woman be selected come from a debtor’s. He plans to marry and beget heirs as soon as he has his mother settled. It seems simple enough but few things in life ever are and Basil’s about to discover just how complicated things can get.

King’s visiting Marshalsea where he hopes to find a suitable young woman to serve as a companion to his mother. He witnesses Lark’s humiliation at having her possessions stolen by fellow debtors. He’d heard of her father’s unfortunate problem and death but hadn’t been aware that she was in such dire straits. She’s a well brought up young lady and would be a perfect companion for his mother.

Being plucked from the dismal existence at Marshalsea by King is a godsend to Lark. That she’s completely oblivious to his intentions poses a bit of a problem but then he’s paid off her debt and she owes him. The only regret she has about leaving the debtor’s prison is leaving behind her newfound friend Agnes. It isn’t until she’s well away from the horrible conditions and abuse of the prison that she learns King’s intentions but not before suffering abuse at the hands of his own servants. King’s enraged by the audacity his servants exhibit and Biddy is turned out without reference over the incident.

Lark’s agreeable to being a companion to King’s mother despite her unconventional attitude. The only trouble is she’s falling in love with King and trying so hard to keep from doing so - especially since he intends to marry Lady Anne.

King’s just trying to keep everything in his life from falling apart. He’s been awarded a Letter of Marque by the Crown. His ship, Cormorant, has been licensed for profiteering. He’s supposed to aid in ending the smuggling ring - of which his own father was very much a part. His intentions to marry may have to fall along the wayside while he finds a way out of this mess. Life’s become exceedingly complicated in a short period of time but even his preoccupation with his own problems doesn’t stop him from being drawn to Lark.

Dawn MacTavish (a.k.a. Dawn Thompson) transports readers back in time with this enchanting tale. THE PRIVATEER is full of characters you’ll either love or love to hate but I can guarantee you won’t be bored as you immerse yourself in this regency storyline. Lark is a surprisingly strong young woman. She suffered the loss of not just her father but everything she’s ever had and yet she still has a determined spirit and refuses to allow anyone to use her. King is the kind of man women fantasize about - strong, trustworthy, loyal and sexy. King’s mother is an unexpected treat. She does her best to come off as frail but she’s tough as nails and isn’t afraid to break out the cane as a weapon if she deems it necessary.

Beautifully written Ms. MacTavish! This is regency story-telling at its best! Now I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for a story for King’s brother, Will. He’s so wild and free that I just think it’d take a heck of a girl to settle him down.

An old woman’s eccentric demand that her companion be ‘rescued’ from a debtor’s prison proves to be a blessing for Lark. Her father’s gambling and suicide left her with nothing but debt and heartache. King’s just looking for someone to keep his mother occupied so he can marry and begin begetting heirs. Falling in love wasn’t in the plans but neither can resist.