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Monday, February 4, 2008

5 star review for the Privateer

Review: THE PRIVATEER by Dawn MacTavish
Dorchester Leisure
January 2008 Reviews
Genre: historical
ISBN: 0843959819
Page Count: 325
Price: $6.99Reviewer: Donna Zapf
Sensuality Rating: Sensuous
Star Rating: 5 Stars
Author's Website:

Award winning author Dawn MacTavish takes us on breath-stopping journey from an 1812 London debtor’s prison to the world of the haute ton in her book THE PRIVATEER.

Never in her darkest nightmare did Lady Lark Eddington expect to be thrown into Marshalsea, London’s debtor’s prison, amongst the squallier and dregs of society. But that is exactly what happened after her father ruined himself with debt then hanged himself, leaving Lark to sell all their possessions and still owe five hundred pounds. It might as well have been five thousand because there is no help from the ton which welcomed her with open arms not too long ago but now enjoy her as fodder for gossip. Lark is strong willed and determined to pay her father’s debt despite her current living conditions. During her stay in debtor’s prison, she instantly makes a friend, Agnes Garwood, a former milliner and an enemy, Andrew Westerfield, the degenerate second son of the Earl of Stepton. Lark doesn’t have a long interment, however, because she caught the eye of the earl of Grayshire who had come to Marshalsea to find a companion for his mother.

Lord Grayshire, King, knew it was time to marry and have an heir. He was courting a young lady, the perfect wife material, and making plans for his mother to move to the dowager house when he was approached by the English Admiralty to become a privateer; looting French ships, a trade his father was once embroiled in, and he could not refuse. Just when King thought he had everything in place, he became enraptured with Lark, the woman he chose for his mother’s companion. Many complications and dangers loom in the way of the love developing between Lark and King but their coming together may not lead to a happily ever after.

Adventure on the high seas, family drama, rescue from a fate worse than death, passionate love; what more can a romance reader ask for? Dawn MacTavish draws us right in and paints her absorbing story with authentic historical detail in THE PRIVATEER. Her heroes, Lark and King, are strong interesting characters and I truly enjoyed the meddling and transformation of the secondary character Countess Grayshire. The settings, from the nasty prison to the secret romantic roman bath are so realistically portrayed that I felt I had stepped into the story. Through her intriguing book; Ms. MacTavish allows the reader to escape to another time and place, so mesmerizing is the tale. Snuggle down with a “cuppa” tea and your copy of THE PRIVATEER by Dawn MacTavish and enjoy!

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