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Friday, February 22, 2008

Book Isle's review of The Ravencliff Bride

The Ravencliff Bride by Dawn Thompson
Love Spell Paperback [Gothic Paranormal]
September 30, 2005;
ISBN #0505526530

Nicholas Walraven wanted to save Sara from prison and planned tohave a friend not a lover or wife. Nero just wanted to protect Sara. And you know what happens with all this wanting...

Bought out of Fleet debtors' prison, Sara marries Baron Walraven.His rules for her are simple, don't touch, stay in her room and donot get friendly with the wolf, Nero. But soon Sara is not willingto accept life by Nicholas rules.

The Ravencliff Bride starts as a hair-raising ride and keeps up thepace all the way though. Ms. Thompson gives a unique twist on weresand shapshifters.

Be sure to catch this Gothic Historical Romance!

Reviewed by Michele Patrykus
For Book Isle

Italian Translation of
The Ravencliff Bride

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