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Friday, February 22, 2008

Book Isle's review of The Waterlord

WATERLORD by Dawn Thompson
Love Spell paperback
ISBN: 0505526735 9780505526731
Reviewed by Michele Patrykus

Count Klaus Lindegren is hiding. Hiding from Illia, a spurnedlover? Or is he hiding from his fate? What will he find on a muddyroad? Will he find fate or..?

Lady Rebecca Gildersleeve is on the run from her father. Baron Gildersleeve lost Becca in a gambling wager. She is found by Klausin an overturned chaise coach. For Becca the world starts to spinand nothing is the same again.

Dreams and mists change herperception of a world made different by man who swims naked atnight.WATERLORD is an adventure well worth twice the price.

Ms. Thompson has taken a myth and brought it to life. A blend of Regency Romance and Fantasy that makes for Great reading!!!!!
Reviewed by Michele Patrykus

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