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Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Mystic Castle review of The Ravening

The RaveningDawn Thompson
ISBN-10: 0-505-52727-8 ISBN-13: 978-0-505-52727-1
Love Spell, February 2008,
342 pages

England 1871

Dancing under the moonlight was one of Paloma's favorite pastimes. Unfortunately on one of these nights, she was being watched by a sinister creature. Paloma was attacked by a vampire and was abandoned by her gypsy clan. Left to fend for herself, she is soon found by a renown vampire slayer.

Milosh is in England to visit his dear friends the Hyde-Whites. He is dismayed to find their home burned to the ground with no sign of it's inhabitants. While investigating the ruins, he finds a young gypsy woman who he suspects has been infected by a vampire.

Milosh and Paloma are fiercely attracted to each other, and under normal circumstances would have been an ideal couple. As it is, they cannot deny the bond between them and they are further drawn together by Paloma's inability to resist temptation.

The Ravening ends the trilogy begun in Blood Moon and continued in The Brotherhood. Milosh is a truly enigmatic character and I have been looking forward to his story from the minute he stepped onto the pages of Blood Moon. The relationship between him and Paloma was filled with angst and desire and left me wondering how it would be resolved at the end.

The Ravening is an edge of your seat, action packed paranormal thriller. The pages ooze with ominous tension that does not let up until the epilogue. Ms. Thompson's prose is as lovely and descriptive as ever as she delivers a nail bitingly edgy tale. I was rooting for Paloma and Milosh's happy ending as well as the demise of the grotesque Sebastian. I was thoroughly satisfied with the ending of this nerve wracking trilogy. Ms. Thompson proves yet again that she is a tough one to beat in the ever growing paranormal genre.

Laurel Letherby
The Mystic Castle
The Mystic Realm Coming Soon

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