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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Review for The Bride of Time

The Bride of Time

Dawn Thompson’s book, The Bride of Time, is so engrossing you will not be able to put it down. It catches your interest the moment Tessa La Prelle has her nightmare. You can almost feel the hot breath on your neck as she runs for her life.

In a small gallery she’s drawn to a hundred year old painting and the artist’s self- portrait. The picture haunts her because “The Bride of Time” resembles Tessa, and the artist looks familiar.

When a broach is stolen Tessa, a scullery maid, is blamed. She runs into the fog to escape imprisonment and slips through a corridor of time. Frightened and confused, she’s mistaken for a governess for Longhollow Abbey. When she meets Giles Longworth and his nephew, Tessa realizes she is no longer in 1903.

Dawn Thompson spins an amazing tale of romance, time travel, mystery, and werewolves. All of it works together to create an exciting romance, and the ending left me wanting more. Although Dawn is gone, her talent is alive, and she will be remembered.

Jo Webnar
Author/Freelance Writer

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