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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Romance Junkies review of Lord of the Deep

Meg has been exiled to the Isle of Mists after being openly accused of being a witch on the mainland. Here she’ll be protected, fine tune her skills and be mentored by the shamans. Finding herself seduced by a man who belongs to the sea changes everything for her. Having lost her virginity she can no longer become a priestess of the Isle of Mists and she can’t return to the mainland either. Meg’s in a world of trouble and all because she couldn’t resist watching the seals - but then they weren’t truly seals as she soon discovered.

Simeon, Lord of the Deep, has no qualms with taking Meg as one of his consorts. He’d heard her summons, her heart’s desire, and understands her need for more than the passionless life that her ‘calling’ would demand. For Simeon his sexual encounter with Meg was a onetime thing, he certainly didn’t intend for it to be anything more. He hadn’t counted on Meg’s determination or his own ever growing desire for her sweetness.

Simeon realizes that Meg is not like the other women he’s tampered with, her innocence and passionate nature call to him and he’s fighting hard to resist her. Learning that Gideon, Lord of the Dark, is interested in taking Meg as his consort, providing that Simeon is indeed through with her, forces Simeon to reexamine his actions. He believes that Meg would fare better as a priestess rather than one of his consorts. The consorts he has are jealous and conniving and he’s positive dealing with them would be no life for her. Besides, he makes his home beneath the sea, she is human and must live above. It’s a hopeless situation. What he doesn’t take into consideration are the dire consequences his actions would cause. Their love is seemingly without hope. Thanks to Simeon’s waterhorse Elicorn’s nature of luring humans to their deaths beneath the sea, Simeon and Meg are brought together again but is there any hope for a real relationship between them? With Midsummer’s Eve quickly approaching, Meg will become a human sacrifice if the shamans discover that she’s no longer a virgin. Can they overcome all the opposition that stands in their way and freely love each other?

Dawn Thompson may have passed away earlier this year but she will live on and continue to enchant readers through her wonderfully imaginative tales for many years to come. LORD OF THE DEEP is the first book in THE ELEMENTALS series and I’ll admit I was dazed by how vividly I could imagine each scene throughout this book. Meg and Gideon are very different but they’re so well suited that I desperately wanted them to find a way to overcome the obstacles that stand between them and be together. There’s no shortage of mystical occurrences and interesting characters to keep you riveted through every page.

The second book in the series, LORD OF THE DARK, is to be released in July of 2008

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne


Anonymous said...

Just luved LORD OF THE DEEP...looking 4ward 2 read Gideon's story, LORD OF THE DARK. Will there b any other books released of THE ELEMENTALS series? Ada:)

Diane Mae Thompson, sister said...

Hi Ada Hopefully, Lord Of The Forest will be the next one to be published in the near future. We are working to get as many of Dawn's works out on the shelves for her readers! Thanks so much for asking!!! Diane