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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Reprints coming of Odin's Daughter and Children of the Wind

Odin's Daughter was originally released by a very small press. There were only a few copies sold before Dawn took back the rights on this book. Copies are showing up on eBay and Amazon and elsewhere at $500-$800 a copy! While this is a testiment of just how popular an author Dawn was, please do not pay these high prices. Both Odin's Daughter and Children of the Wind will be reprinted in a few months. Until then, here is a sneak peek at the new cover.


Caffey said...

Beautiful covers. I dearly am looking forward to reading these. Thanks for all you are doing.

Diane Mae Thompson, sister said...

Hi Caffey I TOO, just LOVE the covers!!! We have Dawn's dear friend, DeborahAnne Macgillivray to thank for her WONDERFULLY TALENTED WORK in producing them for Dawn!!! DeborahAnne has produced MANY of Dawn's covers and Dawn was always thrilled with their outcome!!! Although, sadly, we lost Dawn so soon, she was fortunate enough to be able to actually HOLD the first proofs of several of the covers for books that are just coming out now.....Lord Of The Dark...Bride Of Time and her LEGACY BOOK........Rape Of The Soul!!! I hope that you will enjoy reading Odin's Daughter, Children Of The Wind and any others that you may not have read yet. We are fortunate enough to have even MORE releases coming soon that Dawn left us too!!! I am SO GRATEFUL that I can be a part of seeing her Legacy continue and to see how much her readers are enjoying her work!!! Sincerely, Candy