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Friday, June 13, 2008

Romantic Times' reviews - The Bride of Time

Paranormal, Time Travel
Dawn Thompson
4 stars HOT

SETTING: 1903 & Regency England
The late Thompson’s inventive style and ability to chill readers to the bone while holding them captive with her plot and characters made her a writer to be reckoned with. In this time-travel/werewolf thriller she has perfected the formula for a dark, sensual modern gothic.

SUMMARY: In 1903, London scullery maid Tessa La Prelle is surprised to see she bears a striking resemblance to the model in Giles Longworth’s 100-year-old portrait, “The Bride of Time.” Suddenly swept into the thick London fog, she finds herself in Cornwall, at Longworth’s home, where she’s hired as his nephew’s governess. Many shrink in fear from Longworth, believing he’s a werewolf. The sudden deaths and mutilated bodies lend credence to the tales, but Tessa doesn’t believe Giles is responsible. Could the killer be his nephew? Does the boy’s odd behavior prove he’s right to fear his uncle, or is he the demon? As Tessa strives to understand the man she’s coming to love she’s drawn into a frightening, unearthly drama between good and evil. (Love Spell, Aug., 368 pp., $7.99)
Kathe Robin

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