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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Drum role please........and the winner of the contest is.........

Candy has closed the contest and will shortly post the winner's name and give details how to claim your books! Thank you to everyone who posted to Candy.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Review for Lord of the Dark

Reviewer Name: Susan Moore

Author: Dawn Thompson
Book Title: Lord of the Dark
ISBN: 9780758221803
Publisher: Aphrodisia
Price Print Book: $ 12.95
Author Website:

Genre: Historical Fantasy Erotica
Date: July 14, 2008

Score: 4.5

Gideon is Lord of the Dark, Archangel to the Arcan Gods, and the appointed prince to the Dark Isle when he was cast out of the Arcan Otherworld as punishment for lusting after a human woman. He is cursed to live in constant arousal and is forbidden to find any release from his sexual desires. The slightest breeze or touch to his wings arouses him and his 'watchers' are always hovering about with fireballs to throw if he seeks any sexual release.

Shipwrecked and washed upon an island, Rhiannon finds herself an unwelcome guest on the Dark Isle and a temptation that Gideon cannot resist. Powerful desires link their souls and now Gideon must find a way to keep Rhiannon even if it means fighting all the Gods of the Otherworld. Dodging fireballs and other mythical creatures is just the beginning of the difficult trial they must endure and conquer in order for them to stay together. How will Gideon find the life he longs for with this mortal woman who has captured his heart?

Dawn Thompson has created a mystical world that captivates the reader in erotic pleasures and with the extraordinary characters she will keep you entrenched in this fantasy tale of lovers facing insurmountable odds. Constantly challenging Gideon are the mythological creatures and lore that enhance the plot with their various evil or naughty natures as his quest becomes even more deadly to his mate. The secondary characters are pivotal to the plot and I am hoping they will have their own story told in a later novel. This is a thrilling novel and a pleasure to read. Although Ms Thompson no longer lives in our world, she will forever live in our hearts with the worlds and romance she has given us through the years. Lord of the Dark is a definite keeper and one that I will treasure as I add it to my bookshelf.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

5 Star review - Rape of the Soul

Product Details
ISBN: 0981557325
ISBN-13: 9780981557328
Format: Paperback, 392pp
Publisher: Highland Press FL
Pub. Date: June 2008

20 years ago the late Dawn Thompson began writing an epic saga, about the struggle between good and evil. Thompson went on to produce the story as a play in New York her sister Diane, even starred as the heroine, Jean Fowler Chapin. This story is that ‘book of the heart.’ Thompson is widely known for her amazingly detailed Regency Historical Romances and her Paranormal stories that ranged from Vampires to shapeshifters to the erotic fantasy world-building Lord of the Deep and Lord of the Dark. This book will be a departure to her fans, but they will get to see Dawn Thompson at her very best.

The book was written when authors had a bit more freedom in length, when the style of storytelling was given to wonderful sagas. During the years when her books were selling so strongly, she could have cut this book and sold it. Instead, she held on to it, determined to see it printed as she originally intended it to be told. It’s actually two books in one, but the point where the book would break would see one small book and one large one, so this is printed as she wanted¯in a single volume.

From page one, I was hooked. Thompson clearly shows just what an amazing talent she was by instantly giving you a dark, suspenseful tale of horror. She described the book as “Anya Seton meets Stephen King” and that is a fair assessment of its style. I would also say she added a touch of Daphne du Maurier and Arthur Quiller-Couch. Rape of the Soul is one of those books that will linger on bookshelves, and be read again and again.

Jean Maitland comes to England searching for answers. She wants to know what happened to her ancestor, Jean Fowler Chapin. The man with the answers wants the past to stay buried, but Jean is determined. She has no idea the evil that she will unleash when she enters the abandoned mansion on the cliffs, how in opening the door to the past, she conjures and evil into the present. Legend says Jean Chapin was murdered, along with her husband, Malcolm, by her husband’s uncle, Colin. Only, Jean feels there is more to the story. She has no idea the menace from the past hadn’t ended, but has been waiting for someone to set it free.

Thompson delivers on all levels. When Jean Maitland enters the abandoned glass house of Craigmoor, you have a Hitchcock style, ‘dark at the top of the stairs’ foreboding that pure evil can exist and can reach from the past to destroy the future. Thompson delivers with this spellbinding tour de force, her legacy to her fans. It’s a keeper. This is one I fully expect to see made into a movie.

Paranormal Romance Reviews

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

win a copy of all four of Dawn's Aphrodisia books!!

To celebrate the release of Lord of the Dark you can win a set of all four books Dawn wrote for Kensington Aphrodisia. Just leave a comment and her sister, Candy, will pick a winner at random!

5 star review for Lord of the Deep

The late Dawn Thompson started a series in 2006 called The Elementals. Lord of the Deep was the first one, and the book is already into second printing. Lord of the Dark continues this world-building theme that is on par with Tolkien. Where the works of Tolkien was amazing, Thompson imbues the her magical series with all the passion and emotions that is strangely so devoid from Tolkien's works. The first book simply blew me away with the detailed depth of the world she created and populated with such magical beings. Lord of the Dark builds on the first book and kicks up the power. It's simply, absolutely an amazing work, and on so many levels.

In this erotic historical fantasy, you meet the second Lord - Gideon. He is a gorgeous angel, but he was thrown out of Arcus for being oh so naughty. He loved a mortal woman and that big no no saw he was cast out and cursed. He has the most magnificent set of feathered wings. Only one problem--his curse! If anything touches his wings, even the air as he flies, it causes the poor lad to become aroused. Not too troublesome you might think. Well, it is when Gideon has "keepers" Harpies who live just to make him miserable. Every time he tries to remedy is "problem", the Harpies appear to put an end to any idea of "relief," much to Gideon's ire. To add insult to injury, his wings no longer retract, so he is barely able to rest for his feathers teasing his libido.

Gideon watched as Simeon, Lord of the Deep claimed his human bride in the mating ritual. This longing in him pushed his loneliness--and his arousal--to new agony. To his surprise he discovers the Harpies are missing from he ceremony. So when he spies Muriel, Queen of the Sirens, and she is in the same mood of desire, he thinks now is the time. As things are going along well, the Harpies strike. Only, their timely interruption causes Muriel to be a tad bit miffed, and she sets the seas to a maelstrom, which in turn causes the wreck of a ship. (a note - Thompson's middle name was Muriel.)

Aboard a doomed ship caught in Muriel's temper fit is Rhiannon. Terrified of dying, she prays to the Arcan gods. She washes up on an island, which she thinks is desolate, until she finds the cave. She is stunned to meet the inhabitant - Gideon. His male beauty draws her, makes her want him, but we can see the problems that will ensue. Gideon wants Rhiannon, but fears for her safety. His love for her grows and he wants to keep her. Is there some way he can convince the Arcan gods to ease his loneliness?

Thompson created a magical world with the first book in the series, but she moves into a stronger, darker, more assured, more personal tale with Lord of the Dark. This is a book of her soul. The emotional level, the intensity of Gideon's character absolutely is mesmerizing. While erotica, it's literary erotica, that sets Thompson into a class all her own. Gideon is a brilliant archetype tortured hero, but his anger, his loneliness, his curse, touched me on a level that transcends the story itself and oddly becomes a reflection of Thompson's own life. All Thompson's books contain a lot of her, but The Elementals reflect so much of who and what Dawn Thompson was, thus giving the reader amazing stories, but also, for those wanting to know "more" the special treat of finding the very essence of this beautiful, talented author.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

5 star review of The Bride of Time

an entertaining paranormal historical “bridal” romance

In 1903, London scullery maid Tessa La Prelle lives a hard life as her job is not an easy one. However, adding to her drudgery is the shock that everyone recognizes her as the model who posed in Giles Longworth's portrait, THE BRIDE OF TIME. The only problem with the assumption that she sat for the artist is that the painting is a century old.

While walking in a pea soup thick fog in London, Tessa suddenly finds herself at the Longworth's home in Cornwall with no idea how she got there and quickly hired as governess to his nephew as no one except desperate people accept employment there. Almost everyone fears Longworth, who is rumored to be a shapeshifter who mutilates humans. Tessa knows Giles would never kill anyone she is not quite as sure about his strange behaving nephew. As Tessa falls in love, she wonders if her heart is coloring her mind from evil.

As she has consistently done over the years, the late great Dawn Thompson provides an entertaining paranormal historical “bridal” romance in which she combines elements she has used before into an exciting tale. The author employs time travel (see THE FALCON'S BRIDE) with a werewolf saga (see THE RAVENCLIFF BRIDE) to provide her fans with a delightful gothic romance in which the suspense and the comparative historical eras enhance a fitting tribute.

--- Harriet Klausner

Romance Junkies review of The Bride of Time

Title: The Bride of Time
Category: Paranormal
Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne
Author: Dawn Thompson
Publisher: Dorchester
Release Date: July 29, 2008
ISBN Number: 0505527286
Author Homepage:
Format: PRINT

Rating: 5 blue ribbons

London, 1903
Tessa LePrelle escapes the drudgery of life as a scullery maid one day a week by visiting a small gallery where she’s become enamored with the paintings by Giles Longworth. Remarkably she even resembles the model who sat for the painting titled THE BRIDE OF TIME. When she’s accused of stealing from her employers, Tessa is forced to flee - even though she’s innocent.

She has no idea where she’s going to go but before leaving town altogether she can’t resist one more visit to the gallery for a final look at the paintings - only when she arrives there it’s to discover that the paintings had been sold and the Bobbies are hot on her heels. She escapes capture but her race to leave the city proper proves to have some unexpected results. The London fog is known for being unpredictable but she never dreamed that once the thick fogs cleared she’d find herself in another time and place - almost a hundred years earlier.

Mistaken for the new governess, Tessa is picked up by a coachman and transported to Giles home where she encounters the man she’s been so fascinated with since she first viewed his paintings and self portrait. Unfortunately, their first meeting leaves much to be desired and it’s obvious that there’s more than meets the eye going on - and his young ward, Monty, whom she’s supposed to be overseeing seems to have some hair-raising traits that are cause for concern.

Giles is already under close scrutiny due to his eccentric behavior, his sister’s suspicious death and the recent string of animal deaths in the area. He’s at a loss as to what to do with Monty, the boy is part gypsy and Giles doesn’t even pretend to understand his issues. In addition to the troubles with Monty, he’s immersed in trying to complete a painting the Prince Regent has commissioned - unfortunately the woman he’s been hiring as models from the local brothel aren’t the ideal ‘Bride of Time’ - but when Tessa arrives then he knows he’s found the perfect model. That is if he can get her to agree to pose for him.

The late Dawn Thompson tells a startlingly intense tale with her novel THE BRIDE OF TIME. Giles is a tortured man who’s dealt one harsh blow after another and all he really wants to do is paint. Tessa is an honest young woman who finds herself in a unique situation. I was fascinated by the portals that allow time travel and the mystical element that seemed so prevalent throughout the storyline. Giles and Tessa’s romance develops gradually and it’s fraught with problems due to Monty’s troubling behavior. Ms. Thompson writes beautifully using words to create storylines that readers can visualize as they read her unique tales.

A painting Tessa’s noticed in a local shop on one of her days off as a scullery maid proves to be the foundation for a unique love that transcends time.

Romance Junkies review of Lord of the Dark

Title: Lord of the Dark
Category: Paranormal
Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne
Author: Dawn Thompson
Publisher: Kensington Aphrodisia
Release Date: July 29, 2008
ISBN Number:
Author Homepage:
Format: PRINT

Rating: 5 blue ribbons

Gideon, Lord of the Dark, lives a tortured existence. Ever since the gods of Arcus threw him out of paradise he’s lived in constant arousal. Even the wind’s caress on his wings can be overwhelming. Of course that doesn’t stop him from occasionally attempting to satisfy his desires with a willing female - but the watchers, winged watchdogs of the gods, are zealous in their duties to ensure he remains celibate. Since his ‘fall from grace’ he hasn’t even been able to sleep in a bed since his wings no longer retract.

Gideon’s observance of Simeon, Lord of the Deep and his human bride’s ritual mating installs a sense of loneliness and increased arousal. After leaving the ceremony, he notices that the watchers are absent from their vigilant duties. In route to his home on the Dark Isle he spies Muriel, Queen of the Sirens, and she’s obviously in the same needy condition as he. With no watchers present he believes it’s relatively safe to aid a lady in need - that is until the first lightning strike from the diabolical creatures. Muriel is livid - she’s unsatisfied and her skin is smoldering from the lightning.

An angry siren is never a good thing. Many ships would sink and sailors die because of her ire as she sings them to their doom. Aboard one of the doomed ships is a young woman who’s terrified of dark water but possesses a strong will to survive. Alone and adrift Rhiannon opts to pray to the Arcan gods for either deliverance or a speedy death. When she washes up on black sand on a desolate island it seems like her prayers have been answered, but she never dreamed that the gods would deliver her into such bizarre circumstances. Once she meets Gideon she’s stunned by his beauty and her own desire for him - a desire that’s doomed to failure. He’s convinced he must send her away - for her own good - only letting her go is proving to be impossible. Is there any way he can convince the gods to release him from his punishment?

This is the second book in Dawn Thompson’s ELEMENTALS series. In keeping with the ELEMENTALS theme, this tale is ‘darker’ then its predecessor, LORD OF THE DEEP, but just as stimulating. I was fascinated by the various mythical creatures and how easy it was to visualize each scene as it plays out. Gideon is the perfect tortured hero. His anger and resentment over his fate is almost overpowering and once Rhiannon enters his life he develops an all or nothing mentality that’s stunning. The late Dawn Thompson certainly caught my attention with LORD OF THE DEEP and successfully held it right through LORD OF THE DARK. If you enjoy paranormal stories that allow you to step into another reality and really become vested in the storyline then I’d recommend any of Ms. Thompson’s books - she had a unique ability to ‘paint’ with words that will fortunately live on with her fans.

SNIPPET–Cursed by the gods Gideon, LORD OF THE DARK, lives in a persistent state of arousal. He’s frustrated but when Rhiannon appears in his cave after washing up on his island he can’t turn her away even though he knows the pain they’ll endure if/when the watchers learn of their relationship.