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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Review for Lord of the Dark

Reviewer Name: Susan Moore

Author: Dawn Thompson
Book Title: Lord of the Dark
ISBN: 9780758221803
Publisher: Aphrodisia
Price Print Book: $ 12.95
Author Website:

Genre: Historical Fantasy Erotica
Date: July 14, 2008

Score: 4.5

Gideon is Lord of the Dark, Archangel to the Arcan Gods, and the appointed prince to the Dark Isle when he was cast out of the Arcan Otherworld as punishment for lusting after a human woman. He is cursed to live in constant arousal and is forbidden to find any release from his sexual desires. The slightest breeze or touch to his wings arouses him and his 'watchers' are always hovering about with fireballs to throw if he seeks any sexual release.

Shipwrecked and washed upon an island, Rhiannon finds herself an unwelcome guest on the Dark Isle and a temptation that Gideon cannot resist. Powerful desires link their souls and now Gideon must find a way to keep Rhiannon even if it means fighting all the Gods of the Otherworld. Dodging fireballs and other mythical creatures is just the beginning of the difficult trial they must endure and conquer in order for them to stay together. How will Gideon find the life he longs for with this mortal woman who has captured his heart?

Dawn Thompson has created a mystical world that captivates the reader in erotic pleasures and with the extraordinary characters she will keep you entrenched in this fantasy tale of lovers facing insurmountable odds. Constantly challenging Gideon are the mythological creatures and lore that enhance the plot with their various evil or naughty natures as his quest becomes even more deadly to his mate. The secondary characters are pivotal to the plot and I am hoping they will have their own story told in a later novel. This is a thrilling novel and a pleasure to read. Although Ms Thompson no longer lives in our world, she will forever live in our hearts with the worlds and romance she has given us through the years. Lord of the Dark is a definite keeper and one that I will treasure as I add it to my bookshelf.


Gina said...

I've just today went to Borders and purchased 'lord of the dark'.
I have read other books by this extremely talented woman, who can create a world far beyond our imaginations.
I know she's no longer with us, but as you said, her books will live on.
This one, and her others, will always fill a special place upon my bookshelves.
I will read her book's over and over again.
God's Peace and Happiness to her now... in His gates.

Diane Mae Thompson, sister said...

Hi Gina

Thank you so much for posting your lovely comments...made me cry! I'm so happy that you enjoy Dawn's writing so much. She would be delighted!

I know that she's smiling, that her LEGACY does live on and that more of her books that she left us are being released.

Lord of the Forest is won't be too long now. I hope that you will enjoy that one as well.

Thank you so much again for posting such kind comments. They are greatly appreciated.

Take care. Candy