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Friday, August 29, 2008

5 Star review - Rape of the Soul

Mystery, murder, lies, and evil all lie within the Cragmoor mansion. Jane Maitland was searching for the truth of her ancestory, and when she met the good vicar Marshall, she was about to discover more than she bargained for.

Colin Chapin was a young forgotten child when his father sent the vicar Elliott Marshall to stay with he and his sister while a new chapel was being built. Elliott witnessed much more than his heart could take while staying at Cragmoor and watching Colin and his sister Mary grow. Elliott was enamored with Mary although she practiced witchcraft, and for the rest of his life he would regret not telling her of his feelings.

One evening Mary was accosted and raped, leaving her mind unsettled as well as with child. The child Malcolm, was the devil himself. From the day of his birth he was doomed to darkness and as he grew, so did his hatred for his Uncle Colin and the good vicar as well as anyone else that got in his way. A number of unspeakable acts alongside of setting a chapel on fire were only the tip of the cliff when it came to Malcolm’s darkness. When he returns after being sent to the states, he would bring with him something that will bring devastation and death to all.

There are still mysteries and secrets hidden inside of Cragmoor mansion, and with Jane and the vicar Marshall some truth long ago buried is about to resurface. Would Colin really sign that document that could seal his fate? What was Malcolm’s dirty plan once he discovered the child growing in his wife’s womb?

Dawn Thompson’s Rape of the Soul is a historical suspense that will make you sit on the edge of your seat, you are enthralled in the story and once you start reading it is impossible to stop. This story was written over 20 years ago, and was thought to never be published, well world… HERE IT IS, GO AND GET IT!! I swear this was a page turner that I will Never forget! Ms. Thompson may no longer be with us, but with her written word, she will always be here in spirit. 5 HeartsPurchase Info: Highland Press
Isbn: 978-0-9815573-2-8

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