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Friday, September 5, 2008

Cover for Dawn's last Kensington book - Lord of the Forest

Coming December 2008 from Kensington Books. Book 3 - The Elementals


Anonymous said...

Beautiful cover! Thanx 4 posting it. RAELLY enjoy LOTD...can't wait 2 read more of this wonderful world. Have a gr8 wkend every1. Ada:)

Diane Mae Thompson, sister said...

Hi Ada

Thank you so much for posting. I'm so glad that you have been enjoying the Elemental Series and I'm very happy that Lord of the Forest will be coming out soon. I'm sad that Dawn was not able to complete the series, but very grateful for all that she was able to accomplish on it while being so ill. I am also thrilled with the cover for Lord of the Forest. The background reminds me of Green Darkness by Anya Seton, which was one of Dawn's very favorite books!

Take Care! Candy

Anonymous said...

Hi Candy...thanx 4 replying back 2 my post. If I'm not mistaken, I had once read that DT's Elemental Series would consist of 4 bks, is that ture? Ada:)

Diane Mae Thompson, sister said...

Hi Ada

Yes, that is true, however, because Dawn passed away while she was working on the series, we have yet to determine how much she had completed on the last book.

We were delighted that completed Lord of the Forest and several of the other books that will soon be released. Right now, we are trying to go over all of the 'works in progress' that she left us and things are still a bit up in the air. If the fourth book of the series is going to be published at a later time, we will post the information for all her readers.

There have been so many inquiries about what books are still going to be released and we do want to get all that information to all Dawn's readers.

Thank you so much for asking about the Elemental Series. Dawn enjoyed writing it very much. Please keep watching in the future for any news of all additional releases.

Take care. Candy

Barbara said...

Is Lord of the Fire going to be released it seems incomplete without it and I am sure Dawn would want it released in her memory. I love the entire awesome series and I own all of her books. Take care.

Deborah Macgillivray said...


Lord of the Fire indeed ends the cycle. However, it currently has no plans for release. Dawn never finished the book. She did spend hours telling me all about it, and left me a handwritten outline. I think by that time she feared she would never be able to complete the book and hope I would finish it. Her sister hopes that I will. Right now, it's still too painful to consider. But maybe someday soon...

Dawn originally was doing just the first two books. I encouraged her in expanding to make it a story for each elemental. She loved the idea and ran with it. Then she was convinced to end the series with Lord of Fire. But at the end she said she had just thought of a way to continue it.

So many beautiful stories lost!

attaleena said...

To the person who said they may finish the fourth book in the element serires. i read that she spent time with you talking about it and she had a outline for it . I am so sorry for you loss and understand how upset you must be. I think Mrs Thompson was a wonderful writer . i think she care about us fans and I really think she would want you to write that fouth book. that series was great and even though she said she could continue it we can live with out that but the four elements they all intertwined with each other and we that fans can not have closer to the story. i just discovred her and have recently bought all her books what a loss the world will have not to mention i think she was a very lovely lady.
please email me with any date or thoughts you may have ot if someone will finish this book or not. I am a librarian at the Huntingdon county library in PA and a avid reader i recomend her books to many . thanks you again and take care Debra sheeder

attaleena said...

Hello to Mrs. Thompsons family and I am very sorry. I just recently discovered her books and have bought them all. from reading up on her and her life i think she had a great dedecation to her fans she was definatley a awsome writing the world will be sad without her. i read that someone had the outline to finish the element serires i think she would want that for her fans and i know many people would buy it. the four elements were so closley connected in the books that you need the fourth story for closure to the story . please update me at this email if anyone is working on this or it will be released its a shame if she had a outline and know one finished it. i am a librarian and talk books with alot of people she still has a very large fan base that is discovering her every day.
thank you much and have a great day.