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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Call your US Senator to see unemployment extended please

Date: Nov 18, 2008 12:06 PM Subject: Call your US senator to see unemployment extended Body: Unemployment Extension Legislation Update before US Senate
November 17, 2008:

The National Employment Law Project is asking for assistance in getting the Senate to pass an unemployment extension. They suggest calling 1-800-473-6711, asking to speak with your Senators’ offices, and telling them that unemployment is a national crisis and that you need them to pass the Unemployment Compensation Extension Act of 2008.

I personally know people who have been on uneployment and it's running out. They will be facing no Thanksgiving and maybe eviction from their homes in Decemeber unless unemployment is extended.

PLEASE CALL. - the number is US Capitol, ask for the senator of your state - you don't need to know his name - just your state. His office will answer.

Tell her to have the senator vote for unemployment extention as soon as possible, so families will have a safe holiday season.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

5 hearts review for Lord of the Dark

Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corporation
Pub. Date: August 2008
ISBN-13: 9780758221803

Gideon, Lord of the Dark, Prince of the Air, winged arch angel that had fallen from grace because of his l
ust, was now cursed. Cursed to be eternally aroused, the slightest touch to his wings would about make him mad with need, a need to sink himself deep within a woman. That was also part of his curse, he was allowed no women in which to relieve himself, and the lightening bearing watchers/harpies of the gods made sure of that, striking him down if he even came close. A fallen angel, alone in the world without his soul mate but constantly aroused is about to pull one over on the gods…

Rhiannon was unwillingly on her way to meet her betrothed when their ship crashed because of the angry sirens song. Shipwrecked in the ocean and not a strong swimmer, Rhiannon did all that she could think of; pray to the gods. Washing ashore, she found a small cave and entered taking the liberties of a bath only to be surprised by this beautiful winged man. He was amazingly gorgeous, even when he tried to frighten her away, it awakened cravings neither had ever known before. Rhiannon still an innocent and virgin, Gideon Lord of the Dark, frenzied with need… the watchers hadn’t seen her, so could he keep her? After that first kiss, he knew he could never let her go, but there are other powers and entities out there that must be overcome. Fate can be a cruel and evil thing.

Lord of the Dark by Dawn Thompson is an enthralling erotic historical that will awaken the need in every woman! I’m telling you this book was on FIRE! The sexual scenes were intense but tasteful, there was not a moment that went by that Rhiannon was not getting into trouble, strong willed, or falling deeper in love with Gideon.

I can not express how enamored I am with Dawn Thompson’s Lord of the Dark. I know there are more books in the series, this was the second. I have to have those other books! I know Da
wn is not her with us, but her words will continue to live on. I really loved this book! 5 Hearts - Crystal Book Reviews

Purchase any of Dawn Thompson’s books on Amazon. com, Barnesandnoble. com, or at your local bookstore.  

Book 3 of The Elements, Coming December 30, 2008
Book 1 available in bookstores and online, in it's second

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Romantic Times - 4 1/2 start and TOP PICK for Prisoner of the Flames

by Dawn MacTavish
RT Rating:**** ½ - TOP PICK
Setting: 1562 France
Publisher: Leisure
Published: November 2008
Type: Historical

MacTavish melds the dark and sensual mood of Phantom of the Opera with the historical detail and intrigue of Les Miserables to deliver an enthralling, non-stop read. Looking for depth, emotion and history? You'll clamor for more.

Summary: Scarred by fire when he was an infant, Robert Mack, the Laird of Berwickshire, wears a mask to hide his deformity. He believes that the famed healer Nostradamus could cure him, but that means traveling to Paris, where intrigue runs high and a civil war looms.

In Paris, he rescues Violette Cherier, a blind flower girl, from attackers and makes some powerful enemies. Trying to navigate the labyrinth of politics while keeping Violette safe and his dreams of a new life as a whole man alive is difficult, and one false move means imprisonment. Soon Robert learns that beauty is not in the eye of the beholder, it's in the heart.

(Leisure, Nov., 380 pp., $6.99) HOT—Kathe Robin

Romantic Times mention of Dawn and her books

The Romantic Times has a nice spot about Dawn and her works.

It was a reader asking questions about the status of Dawn's series The Elementals. (Click on the image at left and read the articlce with comments from Kensington editor, Hilary Sares.)

Here is the current information on Dawn's remaining works:

Rape of the Soul (Highland Press) was released in July 2008 - this is not Dawn's current style of writing, as it's Historical Suspense - Horror, not Romance. It's an amazing saga, of evil, passion and and the quest to understand the past. And Epic novel.

Lord of the Forest - (Kensington Aphrodisia) will release the third and final work in The Elementals Janurary 2009.

Lord of the Fire was proposed, Dawn outlined it completely from her hospital bed, but it was never full started. Kensington elected to publish the third book in the series, but returned the rights of Lord of the Fire. There are hopes by Dawn's family this book someday may be written for Dawn as an honor to Dawn's hard work right up to the time of her death.

Prisoner of the Flames -- with her writing at Dawn MacTavish, was just released by Dorchester's Leisure Books. It's currently out and selling very well. It's not a true Romance, but Historical Fiction. This was the first book Dawn wroter after her car accident, that left her confined to a wheelchair for the next 11 years. Amazing work of historical period writing.

The Bride of Time (Dorchester Love Spell), possible Dawn's best romance, this time travel is an amazing work. It was release last month by Dorchester.

Reprints of Children of the Wind and Odin's Daughter will be done by Highland Press and out in 2009. These were books that Dawn had done in small press, and saw very limited release. Odin's Daughter is currently selling for $500-800 by collectors. Hang on and do not pay that! They will be reprints by Highland Press under the Legacy Imprint.

There are still remaining books to come:
Ranks of Death - and IRA novel

The Counterfiet Lady - a Regency Romance - from Leisure Books, Sept 2009

Drake's Lair - a Regency Paranormal Romance

Renegade Rider - a Western - from Leisure Books, 2010
Besides the books contracts before Dawn's death, there remains a missing box of typed manuscripts that her sister hopes will turn up as they sort of out Dawn's personal belongings in storage. We will keep you posted on that status of releases as they are firmed up.