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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Prisoner of the Flames - Best Historical Nominee 2008

Dawn's sister Candy was informed that The Ravening had one the Romantic Times Award for Best Shapeshifter Romance.

She was so thrilled, as we all were. Dawn had three wishes 1) to be a bestselling author 2) win a RITA Award and 3) win a RT Award. She's accomplished two of these, though sadly not here to see her victories. The Counterfeit Lady will be the first of Dawn's books to have "Bestselling Author" on the cover and The Ravening was the RT Awards. She said of Milosh the hero, "If they don't fall for him, then I will give up! He's a hero for the ages!" Well, Milosh got 4 4 1/2 stars, TOP PICK and Milosh got the KISS Award from RT for being one of those heroes we cannot forgot. Sadly, the RITA has evaded her.

However, there was a small victory that was overlooked. Her MacTavish book, Prisoner of the Flames was also nominated by Romantic Times Magazine as one of the Best Historicals Romance of 2008. Dawn would have been so thrilled over this. She once confided that she knew this was one they would never publisher -- the hero's face was scared and the heroine was blind, and it was more old style historical fiction than historical romance. She was so thrilled with Chris Keelser bought it for Dorchester, but I am certain we would have been over the moon knowing it was selected for this honor. So while not a win, Dawn would have cried knowing her Prisoner triumphed through the flames!

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