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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Anniversary of my sister's birthday...

this is the graduation picture of my sister. She loved the picture
which I have to say, shows how beautiful she was.

Today is the anniversary of Dawn's birthday.

I miss her so much!

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Cassandra said...

She was a lovely person inside and out, and this photo shows that inner glow she had. I was incredibly sad when I learned of her death. At the time, I was going through cancer, preparing for surgery and only learned of Dawn's passing months later when a friend told me.

Her determination and drive is a lesson in heroics if you ask me.

I hope that Candy is doing okay and yourself as well. It's never easy to lose someone you love, but knowing she is out of pain, and is whole once more, makes the loss a little easier to bear.

I still miss my parents but know that somewhere there is a crystal dance floor and my mum is cheerfully nagging my dad to come dancing. And for all we know, Dawn is there as well, and doing the rumba. With love and blessings, Cass