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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Call your US Senator to see unemployment extended please

Date: Nov 18, 2008 12:06 PM Subject: Call your US senator to see unemployment extended Body: Unemployment Extension Legislation Update before US Senate
November 17, 2008:

The National Employment Law Project is asking for assistance in getting the Senate to pass an unemployment extension. They suggest calling 1-800-473-6711, asking to speak with your Senators’ offices, and telling them that unemployment is a national crisis and that you need them to pass the Unemployment Compensation Extension Act of 2008.

I personally know people who have been on uneployment and it's running out. They will be facing no Thanksgiving and maybe eviction from their homes in Decemeber unless unemployment is extended.

PLEASE CALL. - the number is US Capitol, ask for the senator of your state - you don't need to know his name - just your state. His office will answer.

Tell her to have the senator vote for unemployment extention as soon as possible, so families will have a safe holiday season.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

5 hearts review for Lord of the Dark

Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corporation
Pub. Date: August 2008
ISBN-13: 9780758221803

Gideon, Lord of the Dark, Prince of the Air, winged arch angel that had fallen from grace because of his l
ust, was now cursed. Cursed to be eternally aroused, the slightest touch to his wings would about make him mad with need, a need to sink himself deep within a woman. That was also part of his curse, he was allowed no women in which to relieve himself, and the lightening bearing watchers/harpies of the gods made sure of that, striking him down if he even came close. A fallen angel, alone in the world without his soul mate but constantly aroused is about to pull one over on the gods…

Rhiannon was unwillingly on her way to meet her betrothed when their ship crashed because of the angry sirens song. Shipwrecked in the ocean and not a strong swimmer, Rhiannon did all that she could think of; pray to the gods. Washing ashore, she found a small cave and entered taking the liberties of a bath only to be surprised by this beautiful winged man. He was amazingly gorgeous, even when he tried to frighten her away, it awakened cravings neither had ever known before. Rhiannon still an innocent and virgin, Gideon Lord of the Dark, frenzied with need… the watchers hadn’t seen her, so could he keep her? After that first kiss, he knew he could never let her go, but there are other powers and entities out there that must be overcome. Fate can be a cruel and evil thing.

Lord of the Dark by Dawn Thompson is an enthralling erotic historical that will awaken the need in every woman! I’m telling you this book was on FIRE! The sexual scenes were intense but tasteful, there was not a moment that went by that Rhiannon was not getting into trouble, strong willed, or falling deeper in love with Gideon.

I can not express how enamored I am with Dawn Thompson’s Lord of the Dark. I know there are more books in the series, this was the second. I have to have those other books! I know Da
wn is not her with us, but her words will continue to live on. I really loved this book! 5 Hearts - Crystal Book Reviews

Purchase any of Dawn Thompson’s books on Amazon. com, Barnesandnoble. com, or at your local bookstore.  

Book 3 of The Elements, Coming December 30, 2008
Book 1 available in bookstores and online, in it's second

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Romantic Times - 4 1/2 start and TOP PICK for Prisoner of the Flames

by Dawn MacTavish
RT Rating:**** ½ - TOP PICK
Setting: 1562 France
Publisher: Leisure
Published: November 2008
Type: Historical

MacTavish melds the dark and sensual mood of Phantom of the Opera with the historical detail and intrigue of Les Miserables to deliver an enthralling, non-stop read. Looking for depth, emotion and history? You'll clamor for more.

Summary: Scarred by fire when he was an infant, Robert Mack, the Laird of Berwickshire, wears a mask to hide his deformity. He believes that the famed healer Nostradamus could cure him, but that means traveling to Paris, where intrigue runs high and a civil war looms.

In Paris, he rescues Violette Cherier, a blind flower girl, from attackers and makes some powerful enemies. Trying to navigate the labyrinth of politics while keeping Violette safe and his dreams of a new life as a whole man alive is difficult, and one false move means imprisonment. Soon Robert learns that beauty is not in the eye of the beholder, it's in the heart.

(Leisure, Nov., 380 pp., $6.99) HOT—Kathe Robin

Romantic Times mention of Dawn and her books

The Romantic Times has a nice spot about Dawn and her works.

It was a reader asking questions about the status of Dawn's series The Elementals. (Click on the image at left and read the articlce with comments from Kensington editor, Hilary Sares.)

Here is the current information on Dawn's remaining works:

Rape of the Soul (Highland Press) was released in July 2008 - this is not Dawn's current style of writing, as it's Historical Suspense - Horror, not Romance. It's an amazing saga, of evil, passion and and the quest to understand the past. And Epic novel.

Lord of the Forest - (Kensington Aphrodisia) will release the third and final work in The Elementals Janurary 2009.

Lord of the Fire was proposed, Dawn outlined it completely from her hospital bed, but it was never full started. Kensington elected to publish the third book in the series, but returned the rights of Lord of the Fire. There are hopes by Dawn's family this book someday may be written for Dawn as an honor to Dawn's hard work right up to the time of her death.

Prisoner of the Flames -- with her writing at Dawn MacTavish, was just released by Dorchester's Leisure Books. It's currently out and selling very well. It's not a true Romance, but Historical Fiction. This was the first book Dawn wroter after her car accident, that left her confined to a wheelchair for the next 11 years. Amazing work of historical period writing.

The Bride of Time (Dorchester Love Spell), possible Dawn's best romance, this time travel is an amazing work. It was release last month by Dorchester.

Reprints of Children of the Wind and Odin's Daughter will be done by Highland Press and out in 2009. These were books that Dawn had done in small press, and saw very limited release. Odin's Daughter is currently selling for $500-800 by collectors. Hang on and do not pay that! They will be reprints by Highland Press under the Legacy Imprint.

There are still remaining books to come:
Ranks of Death - and IRA novel

The Counterfiet Lady - a Regency Romance - from Leisure Books, Sept 2009

Drake's Lair - a Regency Paranormal Romance

Renegade Rider - a Western - from Leisure Books, 2010
Besides the books contracts before Dawn's death, there remains a missing box of typed manuscripts that her sister hopes will turn up as they sort of out Dawn's personal belongings in storage. We will keep you posted on that status of releases as they are firmed up.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Prisoner of the Flames is released!

PLEASE NOTE: This is Historical Fiction (with paranormal elements) not Historical Romance

  • Publisher: Dorchester Publishing Company, Incorporated
  • Pub. Date: October 28, 2008
  • ISBN-13: 9780843959826
  • 336pp

  • I recall Dawn speaking about the writing of this books. It was the first book she wrote after she had nearly died from the car accidently eleven years ago,which left her confined to a wheelchair and only partial use of her hands. She would go to the local library to do her research, and as they grew to know what she was doing, they requested more and more books for her. It paid off. The historical period is rich in detail and understanding. A masterpiece of historical fiction.
    A note to Dawn's fans: This book is NOT a Romance novel, as many of her other books were, but a work of Historical FICTION. There is a romance in the book, but it's very small compared to the tapestry of the sweeping historical saga. Please read it with that in mind.

    Tuesday, October 14, 2008

    the sad tale of Dawn Thompson and her sister Diane

    A Tale of Two Sisters.

    The sad story of Dawn and Diane Thompson of New York, USA.

    Today is Poverty Awareness Day (October 15th) and I cannot think of a situation that brings this closer to home that the life and death of Dawn Thompson, and what is now facing her sister, Diane.

    I won't address the many hard knocks that hit the Thompson sisters through the years. Life tends to visit death, loss and unfortunate circumstances upon us all. It's their later life―and death of Dawn―that touches my heart and mind on this day meant to bring world consciousness to the ugliness of poverty.

    Eleven years ago, Dawn was hit in a car accident that left her unable to walk. She could barely take more than two or three steps, dragging one leg. She had rods in her arms, and due to improper care in hospital, she lost the use of the last three fingers on her left and right hand. They were curled back and could no longer respond for her. From that point on a wheelchair was her only means of moving about. There was a settlement for the accident, so she was able to get along.

    The government provided her $565 per month in disability (I have no idea why so LOW), meaning she would have had no means of existing without the settlement. They originally provided her with an aid in the morning to help bathe and get her dressed. Another came in the afternoon to do errands such as pick up medicine, fetch groceries and do laundry. A third came in just before bedtime to help her undress and get into bed. Three years ago, they decided Dawn was getting too much aid, and cut her aids for afternoon and evening. Afternoons were difficult, but the night aid really was missed most of all. It was very hard for Dawn to get out of the wheelchair after sitting in it for 12 hours straight. Sometimes it took her an hour of battling just to get into bed. This was a woman in her late sixties and riddled with pain and arthritis. Each night was dangerous on her heart.

    Dawn's plight became more acute at the end of 2005. She had an accident that nearly killed her―the wheelchair malfunctioned and tossed her into the dishwasher, ripping open her thigh. She was lucky she didn't bleed to death. Medical expenses mounted. Yes, she had Medicare. But co-payments and so many medicines she needed were not covered by the government support saw her money from the accident settlement eaten up by these expenses. She was forced in the spring of 2007 to sell her pre-paid funeral policy just to pay her rent. She had to choose between food and a roof over her head. Things grew so grim, that I began sending her food and cat food. Author Rowena Cherry was another who sent money to help Dawn, as well as my dear friend Monika Wolmarans. Monika is retired and on very limited means herself, so her giving to help Dawn really touched me. I thank both ladies for their caring about Dawn's plight.

    Dawn fell had to be hospitalized, and things spiraled out of control. People couldn't understand how a woman with over a dozen books out for two publishers didn't have plenty of money. Well, sad fact, new authors don't make big bucks, and often you have to wait 2-3 years before you are seeing money from your books. The money those books would earn would came way too late to help Dawn.

    During her final days, her younger sister, Diane, stayed with her as much as possible. She was a driver-education instructor and basically the only person there for Dawn in her final days. She requested family emergency leave, and was refused. Then she requested vacation time – time she would spend easing her sister in her final moments. The hard-hearted boss refused to give her vacation time. Instead, she was forced to choose between obeying her boss and being there with Dawn in her final moments. I am eternally grateful she chose to be there for Dawn. I do not want to imagine how horrible it would have been for my friend had she faced dying alone.

    Only, the problems started for Diane. Diane―called Candy by her friends―was fired by her hard-hearted boss. She is sixty-one, has trouble walking without a cane because of arthritis in her knees. She was forced on unemployment, which barely paid her rent. What money she had in reserves went for food, electric and phone. Very quickly, she was facing little food in the house, losing electric and phone service. Unemployment was extended three months. We are hoping they will extend it another time, but so far that hasn't happened. Things are getting grim for her, and once again, I am sending food shipments. Once again Monika, who has so little, is sending money to help.

    Candy is sixty-one. Recently, she went in for a job interview and the lady took one look at her slow gait and told her not to bother applying. Candy doesn't own a car, doesn't live near buses (couldn't walk to them if they were near), and is in an area too far from anything that might provide a job. Even if she could get to a job, it would have to be one where she could sit down. She just cannot stand all day. Within a few weeks she is going to be facing some ugly decisions if she doesn't get some help from somewhere. There is a period of about seven months before she can get Social Security. She might qualify for disability, too, but she would spend months, even years getting that. She needs help NOW.

    What are the answers? I don't have them. I do know the American government allows their seniors to live on next to nothing. Rent subsidy for New York is only about $350. WHERE can you live in New York for that? The answer from the social worker ― "You can't. You will have to go into a group home, but you don't want that as it's nothing but drug addicts." Candy was denied medical aid. This woman NEEDS medical care and cannot get it. She checked into Meals on Wheels and was told sure they could add her, but the meals came with a fee. A fee? She cannot afford anything. She is facing winter afraid of losing heat, electric and being thrown into the streets.

    There are untold of Dawns and Dianes out there. Too many. The government just bailed out the economy, gave out rebates earlier this year to everyone. But nothing to help those who really are in need. Both Diane and Candy worked all their lives, paid their taxes and Social Security. Yet, when they needed help it was and isn't' there. How can this United States sentence their elderly to this sort of humiliating and life threatening circumstances?

    Someone needs to care. We all need to care. Time ran out for Dawn. Time is running out for Candy. How many others are facing the same sort of scary, grim circumstances as the holidays approach? When you sit down to your turkey dinner come Thanksgiving, take a moment to consider those who won't have the comfort of family, a safe place to live, and food on the table.

    Don't say how sad. DO SOMETHING. Demand of your representative to ensure better care for our elderly; look around you, see how you can help. Millions are being collected for the poor in other countries, which is perfectly fine, but who is looking after the poor and sick and helpless in the USA? "Family and friends" should come first before we pour money into other countries. Is a sad state of affairs. We are always ready and willing to donate money to a good cause. Help is needed right here at home. It should be made easier for people to qualify for funds, red tape should be cut. It is very humiliating to apply for welfare or for help, it takes far too long to receive funds and the deserving cases are getting nothing, or have to fight over and over and have to wait until it is too late.

    And on a more personal note we all need to do more to help family and friends - shame on those who turns their back on their family and friends when they need help. Bad Karma will come visiting you one day!

    Sunday, October 12, 2008

    Excerpt from Prisoner of the Flames - Coming Ocober 28th

    PLEASE NOTE: This is Historical Fiction (with paranormal elements) not Historical Romance

  • Publisher: Dorchester Publishing Company, Incorporated
  • Pub. Date: October 28, 2008
  • ISBN-13: 9780843959826
  • 336pp

  • She groped the cobblestones at her back without finding it.

    “No, no—by the cart, lass…there, see? A half-pence.”

    “I cannot see, monsieur, I am blind,” she sobbed.

    Robert had wondered why she hadn’t seemed to notice his helmet. For a moment he stared at her. Then his posture sagged, and he ground out a bitter laugh as he picked up the coins in question.

    “There is no harm in being blind, monsieur,” she said defensively.

    “No, there is not, lass, forgive me,” he said.

    “Were you with them, then?”

    “Hardly,” said Robert, righting her cart. “In my country, men do not abuse young lasses—blind or otherwise.”

    “You speak the language well enough for a foreigner,” she observed. “Where do you come from, then?”

    “I am Robert Mack, of Paxton, Scotland, Laird of Berwickshire. I was tutored in French as a child, but not nearly well enough in manners. I beg you forgive my want of conduct. I have come in search of Michel Eyguem, seigneur de Montaigne, of this city. I have a letter of introduction from my uncle, a monk at the abbey on St. Michael’s Mount.”

    “Ahhh,” she breathed. There was great relief in the sound.

    “What are you called, lass?”

    “My name is Violette Cherier, and I am in your debt, my lord. Those men…they were quite rowdy, and would, I fear, have had their way with me if you had not intervened.”

    “I think they were a mite too drunk for that,” he said, amused at her drama. “If you were sighted, you would have seen it.”

    “You have saved my coins. What of my flowers? Have they ruined them?”

    “Some still remain,” he said, frowning toward the scant few that hadn’t been trampled. Stooping, he retrieved what was left of the blooms and placed them back into the cart somewhat clumsily. “You will have to sell them quickly,” he informed her. “All the water has been spilt…unless you tell me where to fetch more?”

    “I will fetch more water, my lord. I have detained you long enough. I know of seigneur de Montaigne. He is known, and loved in the vendor’s quarter, as he is everywhere in Paris. His chalet lies on the western fringes of the city. If you had but turned to your right when you stepped off the bridge, and not become involved with me, you would have nearly reached it by now.”

    Robert was following her directions with his eyes, when all at once the two gendarmes who had been watching him since he left the docks, took hold of him from behind. Resisting, he cried out in protest as they shackled him in irons, groped the doublet beneath his cloak for his coin purse, and relieved him of the sword and dinner knife sheathed at his side. One of them opened the purse and probed its contents, stirring the coins inside. Juggling it in his hand, he assessed its weight, discarded the letter of introduction Aengus had given him, which floated to the ground, then tightened the thong cord again, and thrust it beneath his own belt.

    When the other grabbed hold of his helmet, Robert fought back with a well-aimed foot that found the man’s genitals beneath his codpiece doubling him over, and the other reached around to remove the device himself, loosing a string of blasphemous oaths, while the first man recovered himself.

    “Please!” Violette cried. “This man is a foreign noble, come seeking seigneur de Montaigne. He has done nothing wrong. He has papers. He…he saved me from rowdies who laid hands upon me and upturned my cart!”

    “Keep silent, wench!” barked the gendarme who still had the power of speech. “He’s done something now. He’s attacked an officer of the French Police, papers or no, and he goes to the Bastile, your foreign noble.”

    “She speaks truth.” Robert thundered. “Do not remove the helm. Do not, I say!”

    But the injured gendarme was on his feet at last, and between them they yanked it off his head.

    Mon Dieu!” cried the first, reeling away from the sight. “Plague!”

    The other let Robert go, meanwhile wiping his hands on his tunic, and Violette rushed forward kicking air, until she found the man’s shins at which point she gave them a healthy drubbing with the toe of her shoe.

    “Jean-Claude Geneaux, you lout! I know your voice,” she accused, “and you also, Henri Flammonde. I will report you! This man has done nothing.”

    The one called Henri, still soothing his genitals, pulled her off the other shoving her aside roughly, and she stumbled and fell to the cobblestone street beside her flower cart.

    “Garboneaux can deal with this,” said Jean-Claude, slapping the helm back in place on Robert’s head. “Bring him, and be quick!”

    “No!” Violette shrilled.

    “Keep still, unless you want to join him,” Henri warned her.

    “I have no plague, you fools,” Robert insisted. “I have been burned. The helm spares such as you the sight and me embarrassment for it. If you will but loose these accursed irons, I will show you my credentials.”

    But they paid him no mind, nor did they head the girl’s cries as they hauled him quickly away.

    Friday, September 5, 2008

    Cover for Dawn's last Kensington book - Lord of the Forest

    Coming December 2008 from Kensington Books. Book 3 - The Elementals

    Friday, August 29, 2008

    5 Star review - Rape of the Soul

    Mystery, murder, lies, and evil all lie within the Cragmoor mansion. Jane Maitland was searching for the truth of her ancestory, and when she met the good vicar Marshall, she was about to discover more than she bargained for.

    Colin Chapin was a young forgotten child when his father sent the vicar Elliott Marshall to stay with he and his sister while a new chapel was being built. Elliott witnessed much more than his heart could take while staying at Cragmoor and watching Colin and his sister Mary grow. Elliott was enamored with Mary although she practiced witchcraft, and for the rest of his life he would regret not telling her of his feelings.

    One evening Mary was accosted and raped, leaving her mind unsettled as well as with child. The child Malcolm, was the devil himself. From the day of his birth he was doomed to darkness and as he grew, so did his hatred for his Uncle Colin and the good vicar as well as anyone else that got in his way. A number of unspeakable acts alongside of setting a chapel on fire were only the tip of the cliff when it came to Malcolm’s darkness. When he returns after being sent to the states, he would bring with him something that will bring devastation and death to all.

    There are still mysteries and secrets hidden inside of Cragmoor mansion, and with Jane and the vicar Marshall some truth long ago buried is about to resurface. Would Colin really sign that document that could seal his fate? What was Malcolm’s dirty plan once he discovered the child growing in his wife’s womb?

    Dawn Thompson’s Rape of the Soul is a historical suspense that will make you sit on the edge of your seat, you are enthralled in the story and once you start reading it is impossible to stop. This story was written over 20 years ago, and was thought to never be published, well world… HERE IT IS, GO AND GET IT!! I swear this was a page turner that I will Never forget! Ms. Thompson may no longer be with us, but with her written word, she will always be here in spirit. 5 HeartsPurchase Info: Highland Press
    Isbn: 978-0-9815573-2-8

    Crystal Adkinswww. bookreviewsbycrystal. blogspot. com

    Thursday, July 31, 2008

    Drum role please........and the winner of the contest is.........

    Candy has closed the contest and will shortly post the winner's name and give details how to claim your books! Thank you to everyone who posted to Candy.

    Sunday, July 27, 2008

    Review for Lord of the Dark

    Reviewer Name: Susan Moore

    Author: Dawn Thompson
    Book Title: Lord of the Dark
    ISBN: 9780758221803
    Publisher: Aphrodisia
    Price Print Book: $ 12.95
    Author Website:

    Genre: Historical Fantasy Erotica
    Date: July 14, 2008

    Score: 4.5

    Gideon is Lord of the Dark, Archangel to the Arcan Gods, and the appointed prince to the Dark Isle when he was cast out of the Arcan Otherworld as punishment for lusting after a human woman. He is cursed to live in constant arousal and is forbidden to find any release from his sexual desires. The slightest breeze or touch to his wings arouses him and his 'watchers' are always hovering about with fireballs to throw if he seeks any sexual release.

    Shipwrecked and washed upon an island, Rhiannon finds herself an unwelcome guest on the Dark Isle and a temptation that Gideon cannot resist. Powerful desires link their souls and now Gideon must find a way to keep Rhiannon even if it means fighting all the Gods of the Otherworld. Dodging fireballs and other mythical creatures is just the beginning of the difficult trial they must endure and conquer in order for them to stay together. How will Gideon find the life he longs for with this mortal woman who has captured his heart?

    Dawn Thompson has created a mystical world that captivates the reader in erotic pleasures and with the extraordinary characters she will keep you entrenched in this fantasy tale of lovers facing insurmountable odds. Constantly challenging Gideon are the mythological creatures and lore that enhance the plot with their various evil or naughty natures as his quest becomes even more deadly to his mate. The secondary characters are pivotal to the plot and I am hoping they will have their own story told in a later novel. This is a thrilling novel and a pleasure to read. Although Ms Thompson no longer lives in our world, she will forever live in our hearts with the worlds and romance she has given us through the years. Lord of the Dark is a definite keeper and one that I will treasure as I add it to my bookshelf.

    Thursday, July 3, 2008

    5 Star review - Rape of the Soul

    Product Details
    ISBN: 0981557325
    ISBN-13: 9780981557328
    Format: Paperback, 392pp
    Publisher: Highland Press FL
    Pub. Date: June 2008

    20 years ago the late Dawn Thompson began writing an epic saga, about the struggle between good and evil. Thompson went on to produce the story as a play in New York her sister Diane, even starred as the heroine, Jean Fowler Chapin. This story is that ‘book of the heart.’ Thompson is widely known for her amazingly detailed Regency Historical Romances and her Paranormal stories that ranged from Vampires to shapeshifters to the erotic fantasy world-building Lord of the Deep and Lord of the Dark. This book will be a departure to her fans, but they will get to see Dawn Thompson at her very best.

    The book was written when authors had a bit more freedom in length, when the style of storytelling was given to wonderful sagas. During the years when her books were selling so strongly, she could have cut this book and sold it. Instead, she held on to it, determined to see it printed as she originally intended it to be told. It’s actually two books in one, but the point where the book would break would see one small book and one large one, so this is printed as she wanted¯in a single volume.

    From page one, I was hooked. Thompson clearly shows just what an amazing talent she was by instantly giving you a dark, suspenseful tale of horror. She described the book as “Anya Seton meets Stephen King” and that is a fair assessment of its style. I would also say she added a touch of Daphne du Maurier and Arthur Quiller-Couch. Rape of the Soul is one of those books that will linger on bookshelves, and be read again and again.

    Jean Maitland comes to England searching for answers. She wants to know what happened to her ancestor, Jean Fowler Chapin. The man with the answers wants the past to stay buried, but Jean is determined. She has no idea the evil that she will unleash when she enters the abandoned mansion on the cliffs, how in opening the door to the past, she conjures and evil into the present. Legend says Jean Chapin was murdered, along with her husband, Malcolm, by her husband’s uncle, Colin. Only, Jean feels there is more to the story. She has no idea the menace from the past hadn’t ended, but has been waiting for someone to set it free.

    Thompson delivers on all levels. When Jean Maitland enters the abandoned glass house of Craigmoor, you have a Hitchcock style, ‘dark at the top of the stairs’ foreboding that pure evil can exist and can reach from the past to destroy the future. Thompson delivers with this spellbinding tour de force, her legacy to her fans. It’s a keeper. This is one I fully expect to see made into a movie.

    Paranormal Romance Reviews

    Wednesday, July 2, 2008

    win a copy of all four of Dawn's Aphrodisia books!!

    To celebrate the release of Lord of the Dark you can win a set of all four books Dawn wrote for Kensington Aphrodisia. Just leave a comment and her sister, Candy, will pick a winner at random!

    5 star review for Lord of the Deep

    The late Dawn Thompson started a series in 2006 called The Elementals. Lord of the Deep was the first one, and the book is already into second printing. Lord of the Dark continues this world-building theme that is on par with Tolkien. Where the works of Tolkien was amazing, Thompson imbues the her magical series with all the passion and emotions that is strangely so devoid from Tolkien's works. The first book simply blew me away with the detailed depth of the world she created and populated with such magical beings. Lord of the Dark builds on the first book and kicks up the power. It's simply, absolutely an amazing work, and on so many levels.

    In this erotic historical fantasy, you meet the second Lord - Gideon. He is a gorgeous angel, but he was thrown out of Arcus for being oh so naughty. He loved a mortal woman and that big no no saw he was cast out and cursed. He has the most magnificent set of feathered wings. Only one problem--his curse! If anything touches his wings, even the air as he flies, it causes the poor lad to become aroused. Not too troublesome you might think. Well, it is when Gideon has "keepers" Harpies who live just to make him miserable. Every time he tries to remedy is "problem", the Harpies appear to put an end to any idea of "relief," much to Gideon's ire. To add insult to injury, his wings no longer retract, so he is barely able to rest for his feathers teasing his libido.

    Gideon watched as Simeon, Lord of the Deep claimed his human bride in the mating ritual. This longing in him pushed his loneliness--and his arousal--to new agony. To his surprise he discovers the Harpies are missing from he ceremony. So when he spies Muriel, Queen of the Sirens, and she is in the same mood of desire, he thinks now is the time. As things are going along well, the Harpies strike. Only, their timely interruption causes Muriel to be a tad bit miffed, and she sets the seas to a maelstrom, which in turn causes the wreck of a ship. (a note - Thompson's middle name was Muriel.)

    Aboard a doomed ship caught in Muriel's temper fit is Rhiannon. Terrified of dying, she prays to the Arcan gods. She washes up on an island, which she thinks is desolate, until she finds the cave. She is stunned to meet the inhabitant - Gideon. His male beauty draws her, makes her want him, but we can see the problems that will ensue. Gideon wants Rhiannon, but fears for her safety. His love for her grows and he wants to keep her. Is there some way he can convince the Arcan gods to ease his loneliness?

    Thompson created a magical world with the first book in the series, but she moves into a stronger, darker, more assured, more personal tale with Lord of the Dark. This is a book of her soul. The emotional level, the intensity of Gideon's character absolutely is mesmerizing. While erotica, it's literary erotica, that sets Thompson into a class all her own. Gideon is a brilliant archetype tortured hero, but his anger, his loneliness, his curse, touched me on a level that transcends the story itself and oddly becomes a reflection of Thompson's own life. All Thompson's books contain a lot of her, but The Elementals reflect so much of who and what Dawn Thompson was, thus giving the reader amazing stories, but also, for those wanting to know "more" the special treat of finding the very essence of this beautiful, talented author.

    Tuesday, July 1, 2008

    5 star review of The Bride of Time

    an entertaining paranormal historical “bridal” romance

    In 1903, London scullery maid Tessa La Prelle lives a hard life as her job is not an easy one. However, adding to her drudgery is the shock that everyone recognizes her as the model who posed in Giles Longworth's portrait, THE BRIDE OF TIME. The only problem with the assumption that she sat for the artist is that the painting is a century old.

    While walking in a pea soup thick fog in London, Tessa suddenly finds herself at the Longworth's home in Cornwall with no idea how she got there and quickly hired as governess to his nephew as no one except desperate people accept employment there. Almost everyone fears Longworth, who is rumored to be a shapeshifter who mutilates humans. Tessa knows Giles would never kill anyone she is not quite as sure about his strange behaving nephew. As Tessa falls in love, she wonders if her heart is coloring her mind from evil.

    As she has consistently done over the years, the late great Dawn Thompson provides an entertaining paranormal historical “bridal” romance in which she combines elements she has used before into an exciting tale. The author employs time travel (see THE FALCON'S BRIDE) with a werewolf saga (see THE RAVENCLIFF BRIDE) to provide her fans with a delightful gothic romance in which the suspense and the comparative historical eras enhance a fitting tribute.

    --- Harriet Klausner

    Romance Junkies review of The Bride of Time

    Title: The Bride of Time
    Category: Paranormal
    Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne
    Author: Dawn Thompson
    Publisher: Dorchester
    Release Date: July 29, 2008
    ISBN Number: 0505527286
    Author Homepage:
    Format: PRINT

    Rating: 5 blue ribbons

    London, 1903
    Tessa LePrelle escapes the drudgery of life as a scullery maid one day a week by visiting a small gallery where she’s become enamored with the paintings by Giles Longworth. Remarkably she even resembles the model who sat for the painting titled THE BRIDE OF TIME. When she’s accused of stealing from her employers, Tessa is forced to flee - even though she’s innocent.

    She has no idea where she’s going to go but before leaving town altogether she can’t resist one more visit to the gallery for a final look at the paintings - only when she arrives there it’s to discover that the paintings had been sold and the Bobbies are hot on her heels. She escapes capture but her race to leave the city proper proves to have some unexpected results. The London fog is known for being unpredictable but she never dreamed that once the thick fogs cleared she’d find herself in another time and place - almost a hundred years earlier.

    Mistaken for the new governess, Tessa is picked up by a coachman and transported to Giles home where she encounters the man she’s been so fascinated with since she first viewed his paintings and self portrait. Unfortunately, their first meeting leaves much to be desired and it’s obvious that there’s more than meets the eye going on - and his young ward, Monty, whom she’s supposed to be overseeing seems to have some hair-raising traits that are cause for concern.

    Giles is already under close scrutiny due to his eccentric behavior, his sister’s suspicious death and the recent string of animal deaths in the area. He’s at a loss as to what to do with Monty, the boy is part gypsy and Giles doesn’t even pretend to understand his issues. In addition to the troubles with Monty, he’s immersed in trying to complete a painting the Prince Regent has commissioned - unfortunately the woman he’s been hiring as models from the local brothel aren’t the ideal ‘Bride of Time’ - but when Tessa arrives then he knows he’s found the perfect model. That is if he can get her to agree to pose for him.

    The late Dawn Thompson tells a startlingly intense tale with her novel THE BRIDE OF TIME. Giles is a tortured man who’s dealt one harsh blow after another and all he really wants to do is paint. Tessa is an honest young woman who finds herself in a unique situation. I was fascinated by the portals that allow time travel and the mystical element that seemed so prevalent throughout the storyline. Giles and Tessa’s romance develops gradually and it’s fraught with problems due to Monty’s troubling behavior. Ms. Thompson writes beautifully using words to create storylines that readers can visualize as they read her unique tales.

    A painting Tessa’s noticed in a local shop on one of her days off as a scullery maid proves to be the foundation for a unique love that transcends time.

    Romance Junkies review of Lord of the Dark

    Title: Lord of the Dark
    Category: Paranormal
    Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne
    Author: Dawn Thompson
    Publisher: Kensington Aphrodisia
    Release Date: July 29, 2008
    ISBN Number:
    Author Homepage:
    Format: PRINT

    Rating: 5 blue ribbons

    Gideon, Lord of the Dark, lives a tortured existence. Ever since the gods of Arcus threw him out of paradise he’s lived in constant arousal. Even the wind’s caress on his wings can be overwhelming. Of course that doesn’t stop him from occasionally attempting to satisfy his desires with a willing female - but the watchers, winged watchdogs of the gods, are zealous in their duties to ensure he remains celibate. Since his ‘fall from grace’ he hasn’t even been able to sleep in a bed since his wings no longer retract.

    Gideon’s observance of Simeon, Lord of the Deep and his human bride’s ritual mating installs a sense of loneliness and increased arousal. After leaving the ceremony, he notices that the watchers are absent from their vigilant duties. In route to his home on the Dark Isle he spies Muriel, Queen of the Sirens, and she’s obviously in the same needy condition as he. With no watchers present he believes it’s relatively safe to aid a lady in need - that is until the first lightning strike from the diabolical creatures. Muriel is livid - she’s unsatisfied and her skin is smoldering from the lightning.

    An angry siren is never a good thing. Many ships would sink and sailors die because of her ire as she sings them to their doom. Aboard one of the doomed ships is a young woman who’s terrified of dark water but possesses a strong will to survive. Alone and adrift Rhiannon opts to pray to the Arcan gods for either deliverance or a speedy death. When she washes up on black sand on a desolate island it seems like her prayers have been answered, but she never dreamed that the gods would deliver her into such bizarre circumstances. Once she meets Gideon she’s stunned by his beauty and her own desire for him - a desire that’s doomed to failure. He’s convinced he must send her away - for her own good - only letting her go is proving to be impossible. Is there any way he can convince the gods to release him from his punishment?

    This is the second book in Dawn Thompson’s ELEMENTALS series. In keeping with the ELEMENTALS theme, this tale is ‘darker’ then its predecessor, LORD OF THE DEEP, but just as stimulating. I was fascinated by the various mythical creatures and how easy it was to visualize each scene as it plays out. Gideon is the perfect tortured hero. His anger and resentment over his fate is almost overpowering and once Rhiannon enters his life he develops an all or nothing mentality that’s stunning. The late Dawn Thompson certainly caught my attention with LORD OF THE DEEP and successfully held it right through LORD OF THE DARK. If you enjoy paranormal stories that allow you to step into another reality and really become vested in the storyline then I’d recommend any of Ms. Thompson’s books - she had a unique ability to ‘paint’ with words that will fortunately live on with her fans.

    SNIPPET–Cursed by the gods Gideon, LORD OF THE DARK, lives in a persistent state of arousal. He’s frustrated but when Rhiannon appears in his cave after washing up on his island he can’t turn her away even though he knows the pain they’ll endure if/when the watchers learn of their relationship.

    Tuesday, June 24, 2008

    Reprints coming of Odin's Daughter and Children of the Wind

    Odin's Daughter was originally released by a very small press. There were only a few copies sold before Dawn took back the rights on this book. Copies are showing up on eBay and Amazon and elsewhere at $500-$800 a copy! While this is a testiment of just how popular an author Dawn was, please do not pay these high prices. Both Odin's Daughter and Children of the Wind will be reprinted in a few months. Until then, here is a sneak peek at the new cover.

    Friday, June 13, 2008

    Romantic Times' reviews - The Bride of Time

    Paranormal, Time Travel
    Dawn Thompson
    4 stars HOT

    SETTING: 1903 & Regency England
    The late Thompson’s inventive style and ability to chill readers to the bone while holding them captive with her plot and characters made her a writer to be reckoned with. In this time-travel/werewolf thriller she has perfected the formula for a dark, sensual modern gothic.

    SUMMARY: In 1903, London scullery maid Tessa La Prelle is surprised to see she bears a striking resemblance to the model in Giles Longworth’s 100-year-old portrait, “The Bride of Time.” Suddenly swept into the thick London fog, she finds herself in Cornwall, at Longworth’s home, where she’s hired as his nephew’s governess. Many shrink in fear from Longworth, believing he’s a werewolf. The sudden deaths and mutilated bodies lend credence to the tales, but Tessa doesn’t believe Giles is responsible. Could the killer be his nephew? Does the boy’s odd behavior prove he’s right to fear his uncle, or is he the demon? As Tessa strives to understand the man she’s coming to love she’s drawn into a frightening, unearthly drama between good and evil. (Love Spell, Aug., 368 pp., $7.99)
    Kathe Robin

    Romantic Times' Review of LORD OF THE DARK

    Erotic Romance, Paranormal
    Lord of the Dark
    Dawn Thompson

    Fans of Thompson’s Lord of the Deep will recognize the world and the characters in her latest. Although well written and with exceptionally good sex scenes, the story’s characters spend more time reacting to external events rather than try to solve their own problems. The happy — and sexy! — ending will appeal to hardcore paranormal romance readers.

    Summary: When Rhiannon is washed up on the shores of Gideon’s Island — the Dark Isle — the fallen angel knows he’s in big trouble. Condemned to suffer without sexual release for eternity for a sin committed eons ago, Gideon knows that Rhiannon’s beauty and innocence must be preserved. But when their love threatens to eternally damn Rhiannon too, Gideon must find a way to end his penance and discover a place where they can live happily ever after — together. (Aphrodisia, Aug., 304 pp., $12.95)
    Rhomylly Forbes

    Sunday, June 1, 2008

    Bookmark for Dawn Thompson

    This is the front and back of a new bookmark for the release of Rape of the Soul (July 2008) and the Drake's Lair (Autumn 2008) from Highland Press.

    Thursday, May 8, 2008

    In Dawn's Memory

    I am Dawn Thompson's sister. Dawn's recent passing was a terrible, unexpected shock to both family and fans alike. I am happy to join the blog to keep my sister's memory alive, and toward that effort, I am working on transcribing one of her earlier works, Drake's Lair, which never had a real release, so that her fans that missed it before will soon be able to find it. Dawn wanted to be an author all her life. I remember when we were children, she would color pages in a coloring book and make up stories as she went along to amuse me. Although her career was cut way to short, by her untimely passing, I am so happy that she was able to realize her dream. Dawn did not want to be forgotten, and judging from the wonderful overwhelming response from her many fans, I'm sure that she won't be. She has left us other works which will also be released and her many fans will have those to look forward to as well. Diane Thompson

    Monday, April 21, 2008

    Eros Island review

    Devyn Quinn
    Dawn Thompson
    Lucinda Betts
    Kensington Aphrodisia
    February 2008
    Trade Paperback
    Paranormal Erotic Romance Anthology

    Centaur Heart by Lucinda Betts

    Princess Akantha chooses Lycurgus, the Lapith King as her champion in the Mother Rite. Everything would be perfect if there wasn’t the Centaur King, Chiron who insists that she is making a mistake. Suddenly she doesn’t know who to trust as she is attracted to Chiron.

    Ms. Betts delivered with CENTAUR HEART a great story that leaves the reader guessing how the unlikely couple will find their way to each other. At the beginning Akantha hates all Centaurs, but especially Chiron and Chiron is too much of an Alpha male to be a meek Princess consort. So a war of wills is guaranteed and the fun begins.

    Dream Well by Dawn Thompson

    The knight Gar Trivelyan finds himself suddenly in the Celtic Otherworld, he has no idea how he got there or how to get out. But he has more intriguing things on his mind, because the Goddess of the Well offered him a night of passion.

    DREAM WELL is an intriguing story full of love, hate, passion and trickery. The story is very suspenseful and the characters range from absolutely pure hearted to impersonated evil. DREAM WELL is like no other story that I have ever read and Ms. Thompson drew me into the story.

    Thunderstruck by Devyn Quinn

    Danicia’s life wasn’t the best, but everything changes when her latest art work of the mythological Herakles came to life. Danicia thinks she’s finally lost her mind.

    Ms. Quinn writes like no one else. Her writing captivates her readers and sucks them into her stories. It’s always a pleasure to read one of her books.

    EROS ISLAND is a very sexy and enchanting collection of paranormal/mythological stories. Definitely not a book you want to miss!

    April 2008
    © Love Romances, 2001-2008. All Rights Reserved

    Wednesday, April 9, 2008

    Lord of the Deep goes to second printing

    Lord of the Deep goes to second printing!

    Kensington Aphrodisia
    will be doing a second printing of Lord of the Deep

    Second in the series

    Lord of the Dark

    Coming July 29, 2008

    The Huntress review of The Bride of Time

    TITLE: The Bride of Time (Time Travel / July 29, 2008)
    AUTHOR: Dawn Thompson
    13 ISBN: 9780505527288
    10 ISBN: 0505527286

    5 STARS!

    The story begins in London, the year 1903. Tessa LaPrelle is a scullery maid. When framed for stealing, Tessa flees with pursuit hot on her heels. Somehow, via Lay Lines, she travels almost one hundred years into the past. Tessa finds her morning has suddenly become dusk. Instead of London, she is in Cornwall. It is now 1811.

    Tessa is mistaken for someone applying for a governess position at Longhollow Abbey on Bodmin Moor. With nowhere to go and only the clothes on her back, Tessa accepts the governess job. Her charge is named Montclair "Monty" Albert Montague the third. He is the nine-years-old ward of Giles Longworth. (Monty had been the stepson of Giles's sister until she died the year prior, leaving Monty in the care of Giles.) The tension between the child and the surrogate uncle is palpable and Tessa finds herself in the middle of it all. She realizes from the start that Monty is not quite normal, though she is unsure as to why. Monty often seems dangerous and sends chills down her spine. As for Giles, he is an artist with a fondness for brandy. He just happens to be the artist of a painting Tessa had enjoyed viewing in a London gallery during her own time period. In fact, Giles is currently working on the painting Tessa enjoyed the most, The Bride of Time.

    Giles is not sure where Tessa came from since he never bothers to ask for references. She is a lady of mystery, an enigma. She came to him out of the night like an answer to a prayer. Though Tessa takes the job of governess, Giles hopes to persuade her to pose for him. Giles needs her to care for Monty, and for him to use her likeness in his current painting, but at the same time Giles must protect her. Monty is one of the lycanthrope, werewolf, and last month the child bit his hand. Giles knows that there is a very good chance that, come the full moon, he will change. The bite of a werewolf is contagious.

    Tessa has never been superstitious, but after traveling through time (more than once) she must admit that some supernatural things cannot be explained away; they just ARE. Tessa and Giles find love in the arms of each other; however, Tessa is pursued for a crime she did not commit in her time and Giles is accused of multiple deaths during his. Only together can they hope to find eventual happiness, but how and where seem to have impossible answers.

    ***** Author Dawn Thompson left our own time period February 8, 2008, but she has left behind a few wonderful stories for her fans. This book, The Bride of Time, is the first published story since the author's death. In my opinion, this is also Dawn Thompson's best work to date!

    The idea of beginning a story in the past, then having one of the main characters travel through time deeper into the past, is not new; however, few are as well written as this. There are similarities between the two chosen time periods and the author uses these to actually enhance the tale, making it all believable. As for the secondary characters, I found myself caring for a faithful butler and admiring an elder Gypsy woman. The story pulled in, not only my interest from the first, but my emotions as well. I almost felt as though I stood beside Tessa during her ordeals, peering through the foggy mists for the unknown dangers therein. Fans of reading time travels, historicals, supernaturals, and gothics will adore this book. A thrilling run through some of England's dangerous times, with love as their only escape! I cannot recommend this story highly enough. *****

    Reviewed by Detra Fitch

    Thursday, April 3, 2008

    Wednesday, March 26, 2008

    Romance Junkies review of Lord of the Deep

    Meg has been exiled to the Isle of Mists after being openly accused of being a witch on the mainland. Here she’ll be protected, fine tune her skills and be mentored by the shamans. Finding herself seduced by a man who belongs to the sea changes everything for her. Having lost her virginity she can no longer become a priestess of the Isle of Mists and she can’t return to the mainland either. Meg’s in a world of trouble and all because she couldn’t resist watching the seals - but then they weren’t truly seals as she soon discovered.

    Simeon, Lord of the Deep, has no qualms with taking Meg as one of his consorts. He’d heard her summons, her heart’s desire, and understands her need for more than the passionless life that her ‘calling’ would demand. For Simeon his sexual encounter with Meg was a onetime thing, he certainly didn’t intend for it to be anything more. He hadn’t counted on Meg’s determination or his own ever growing desire for her sweetness.

    Simeon realizes that Meg is not like the other women he’s tampered with, her innocence and passionate nature call to him and he’s fighting hard to resist her. Learning that Gideon, Lord of the Dark, is interested in taking Meg as his consort, providing that Simeon is indeed through with her, forces Simeon to reexamine his actions. He believes that Meg would fare better as a priestess rather than one of his consorts. The consorts he has are jealous and conniving and he’s positive dealing with them would be no life for her. Besides, he makes his home beneath the sea, she is human and must live above. It’s a hopeless situation. What he doesn’t take into consideration are the dire consequences his actions would cause. Their love is seemingly without hope. Thanks to Simeon’s waterhorse Elicorn’s nature of luring humans to their deaths beneath the sea, Simeon and Meg are brought together again but is there any hope for a real relationship between them? With Midsummer’s Eve quickly approaching, Meg will become a human sacrifice if the shamans discover that she’s no longer a virgin. Can they overcome all the opposition that stands in their way and freely love each other?

    Dawn Thompson may have passed away earlier this year but she will live on and continue to enchant readers through her wonderfully imaginative tales for many years to come. LORD OF THE DEEP is the first book in THE ELEMENTALS series and I’ll admit I was dazed by how vividly I could imagine each scene throughout this book. Meg and Gideon are very different but they’re so well suited that I desperately wanted them to find a way to overcome the obstacles that stand between them and be together. There’s no shortage of mystical occurrences and interesting characters to keep you riveted through every page.

    The second book in the series, LORD OF THE DARK, is to be released in July of 2008

    By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

    Monday, March 24, 2008

    The Bride of Time - Review

    The Bride of Time by Dawn Thompson

    Tessa La Prelle, a scullery maid in 1903 London, is entranced by The Bride of Time painted by Giles Longworth in 1811 in Cornish for the Prince Regent. Her plans to visit the gallery go awry when she is accused of stealing a pearl broach from her employer. Escaping the Bobbies Tessa must have one last look at the painting but it has been sold. Her heart broken she flees the gallery through a rear window and finds her escape–in Cornwall in 1811.

    Giles Longworth labors to complete his masterpiece The Bride of Time despite contrary models who steal, a strange nine year old ward who disrupts his household, and a worrisome bite inflicted by his ward, that won't heal. He finds inspiration in the child's governess who refuses to pose for him but he paints her from memory, always remembering the silky feel of her hair.

    Against the prejudices of Regency England Tessa and Giles struggle to reconcile their lives and their strong attraction for each other. Neither trusts the other to believe the supernatural events of their lives but they find old Gypsy Moraiva to be a mentor in the ways of the lay lines that transport people across time and the ways of the wolf.

    As Tessa traverses time, pursued in her own time and seemingly doomed in Giles' time, and finds happiness in Giles' strong arms. Their happiness is fleeting as prejudices in both times crush their dreams. Only through the purity of their love will they find happiness but in whose time?

    Dawn Thompson crafted a love story to transcend time. The story moves easily between 1903 London and Cornish in 1811 drawing on the similarities of the times. Tessa and Giles' pain is as palatable as their love in the evocative prose of Miss Thompson. The faith of Giles' loyal butler, Foster, goes beyond master and servant to respect and deep friendship and is beautifully rendered by Miss Thompson.

    The characters are faithful to themselves and each other, not the conventions of time, and with her passionate prose, The Bride of Time will satisfy every romance reader's fancy.

    Review by Billie Warren Chai, author of Brides of the West

    Tuesday, March 18, 2008

    Review for The Bride of Time

    The Bride of Time

    Dawn Thompson’s book, The Bride of Time, is so engrossing you will not be able to put it down. It catches your interest the moment Tessa La Prelle has her nightmare. You can almost feel the hot breath on your neck as she runs for her life.

    In a small gallery she’s drawn to a hundred year old painting and the artist’s self- portrait. The picture haunts her because “The Bride of Time” resembles Tessa, and the artist looks familiar.

    When a broach is stolen Tessa, a scullery maid, is blamed. She runs into the fog to escape imprisonment and slips through a corridor of time. Frightened and confused, she’s mistaken for a governess for Longhollow Abbey. When she meets Giles Longworth and his nephew, Tessa realizes she is no longer in 1903.

    Dawn Thompson spins an amazing tale of romance, time travel, mystery, and werewolves. All of it works together to create an exciting romance, and the ending left me wanting more. Although Dawn is gone, her talent is alive, and she will be remembered.

    Jo Webnar
    Author/Freelance Writer

    Saturday, March 1, 2008

    Review for Eros Island

    EROS ISLAND - Lucinda Betts, Dawn Thompson, Devyn Quinn

    Kensington Aphrodisia (Trade Paperback)
    ISBN-10: 0-7582-2214-9ISBN-13: 978-0-7582-2214-5
    February 2008
    Erotic Paranormal Anthology

    Three of today’s hottest authors put their own sexy spin on tales in which gods and goddesses feature. If you like your stories a little different, a bit dangerous, and most of all, deliciously steamy, then this anthology was created just for you.

    Centaur Heart - Lucinda Betts

    Crete - Ancient times

    Two men vie for the right to be Princess Akantha’s Champion. King Lycurgus is the sensible choice as an alliance with him should bring peace to her people, but then there’s Chiron, the King of the Centaurs. Chiron believes Lycurgus has an alliance with a god of death and destruction, and he’s determined to save Akantha or die trying. But Akantha has difficulty picturing a centaur as her consort. Can the Mother Goddess convince Akantha to follow the path to true love, or will chaos reign in Crete?

    The Dream Well - Dawn Thompson

    Land’s End and the Celtic Otherworld - The Past

    Gar Trivelyan is lucky to make it to land after the ship he’s traveling on wrecks. Unfortunately, it appears as if his luck has run out, for if Gar’s wounds aren’t soon tended, death is sure to claim him. Stumbling upon a Celtic Dream Well, a thing Gar didn’t really believe existed, he makes a wish for healing. When a beautiful goddess rises out of the well and grants Gar his wish, she also gives him one more surprise, as it’s Samhain, she’s entitled to choose someone to sate her lust, and she’s chosen Gar. This could be a case of be careful what you wish for, or it could be the dream of a lifetime, only time will tell.

    Thunderstruck - Devyn Quinn

    Near Hartford, Connecticut and Mount Olympus - Present day

    When Danicia Ryan, a talented sculptor, completes her latest piece, a statue of the Greek god Herakles, she should be satisfied, after all, it’s the most exquisite piece she’s ever done. But, creating the superb statue has cost Dani more than just two years of her life, it cost her a marriage as well. And when Herakles comes to life, ready, willing, and able to satisfy her most carnal desires, Dani has to wonder, has her creation absconded with her sanity as well? Can statues really come to life, or has an artist’s fevered dreams led her to believe that the impossible can become reality?

    Gods and goddesses are, just like mortals, each unique individuals. Some are merciless, others seek only to give pleasure, beautiful, handsome, noble or sneaky, you never know what can happen when humans become embroiled with them. After reading these three fantastic tales, you may decide to run the other way if you ever stumble into a deity's path, or you might just be inspired to take the chance of a lifetime and follow wherever they lead.

    Don’t miss EROS ISLAND, a book where dreams come to life and your darkest fantasies are but a heartbeat away.

    Lori Ann

    Thursday, February 28, 2008

    The Mystic Castle review of The Ravening

    The RaveningDawn Thompson
    ISBN-10: 0-505-52727-8 ISBN-13: 978-0-505-52727-1
    Love Spell, February 2008,
    342 pages

    England 1871

    Dancing under the moonlight was one of Paloma's favorite pastimes. Unfortunately on one of these nights, she was being watched by a sinister creature. Paloma was attacked by a vampire and was abandoned by her gypsy clan. Left to fend for herself, she is soon found by a renown vampire slayer.

    Milosh is in England to visit his dear friends the Hyde-Whites. He is dismayed to find their home burned to the ground with no sign of it's inhabitants. While investigating the ruins, he finds a young gypsy woman who he suspects has been infected by a vampire.

    Milosh and Paloma are fiercely attracted to each other, and under normal circumstances would have been an ideal couple. As it is, they cannot deny the bond between them and they are further drawn together by Paloma's inability to resist temptation.

    The Ravening ends the trilogy begun in Blood Moon and continued in The Brotherhood. Milosh is a truly enigmatic character and I have been looking forward to his story from the minute he stepped onto the pages of Blood Moon. The relationship between him and Paloma was filled with angst and desire and left me wondering how it would be resolved at the end.

    The Ravening is an edge of your seat, action packed paranormal thriller. The pages ooze with ominous tension that does not let up until the epilogue. Ms. Thompson's prose is as lovely and descriptive as ever as she delivers a nail bitingly edgy tale. I was rooting for Paloma and Milosh's happy ending as well as the demise of the grotesque Sebastian. I was thoroughly satisfied with the ending of this nerve wracking trilogy. Ms. Thompson proves yet again that she is a tough one to beat in the ever growing paranormal genre.

    Laurel Letherby
    The Mystic Castle
    The Mystic Realm Coming Soon